Extreme’s Printed Marquees are available in 6 packages. We have a printed marquee to suit every need and budget!

We have designed six package deals from our most popular customer configurations to help you choose what is best for your needs. Folding-tent printing packages are available for every size in our range and also for both of our fabric options. Our packages can be easily modified to suit your needs and budget. Simply start with a package option as your foundation then add or remove accessories or printing panels until you have the right package at the right price. So if you want to buy a custom printed marquee package for your business, contact us today and we can customise

Choose from the printing packages OR customise your own marquee package to suit your needs!

business marquees

Our customers come from every level of business from small owner operated market stalls to multinational corporate customers. Catering our product to these two extremes and everything in between is an achievement we pride ourselves on and forms the foundation for the development of our business packages. We also strive to create the ideal packaged product for each individual customer. We treat every chosen package as a flexible choice that will be molded and adjusted to suit their needs. Our aim is to create the ideal product of the highest quality, at the best price and deliver it in the fastest time. This is what we aspire to achieve for all our customers, no matter how big or small they are in the business world. So contact us today so we can build a marquee package for you.