Pick from our range of Pagoda-Style Pinnacle Range Tents

The Pinnacle Range of event tents is a stylish collection of pagoda marquees. These tents will add extra class to any outdoor event while offering much needed shade. The Pinnacle tents are come in 6 sizes starting from 3x3m up to the large size of 10x10m. The frame is made from sturdy Aluminium with roofs made from 100% PVC fabric. Each tent can be upgraded with a range of accessories designed to improve the style and functionality of the tent. Upgrades include walls and windows walls for the square based and glass walls and doors, PVC window walls, and solid flooring systems for the hexagonal based range.

  • Pinnacle 6m x 5.2m
  • Pinnacle 8m x 7m
  • Pinnacle 10m x 9m
  • Pinnacle 12m x 10m
  • Pinnacle 15m x 15m

Product Certification

  • Resistance of Fabrics to Water Penetration Test
  • Ultra Violet Test

  • Fire Action Analysis

The Pinnacle Marquee Range is the refined member of the Extreme Marquees family. Not just a sturdy event tent, but a marquee with class. Manufactured with a high quality aluminium frame and durable 100% PVC fabric for the roof and frame, the pinnacle is built to last and also look the part. These event tents are available to be upgraded with glass panel walls and doors, PVC walls, PVC window walls, and parquetry style flooring for the hexagonal based range and pvc walls and window walls for the square based range. Pinnacle tents are perfect for special celebrations on a medium to large scale. Multiple tents can be adjoined to create a larger entertaining area or can be walled off to create multiple undercover rooms. Outdoor shades rarely gets more classy than the Extreme Marquees Pinnacle Range. To add some extra sophistication to your outdoor event, contact us today to find out more and get a quote from our team.