We have a comprehensive range of frame strengths & sizes to choose from

Our frames are categorised into three sectors; Light, Medium & Heavy. Each of our frame strengths have been individually graded on their strength, durability, ease of use and affordability. All of our ranges have been engineered by our team of experts and are available in a selection of materials and structural shape. Materials available include: powder coated steel, aluminium and reinforced aluminium. Each range has unique features of including connectors, pull/push ring systems and optional extras like coloured frames & wheels. Frame shape and integral strength also varies through the ranges, the most common frame shape we use is square, and then we also have reinforced square & hexagonal shape. Our frames are graded using light (yellow), medium (green) in heavy (blue) this referencing includes overall strength and the overall weight of the frame. We have a range to suite any need and every budget - entry level to a high end commercial frame. We can also provide certification for fabrics and a selection of frames. Not sure what kind of frame would suite your requirements? Call our office and ask one of our marquee consultants and we will be able to recommend and frame to suite your requirements.

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Explorer 30mm Profile
Extreme Mate 35mm Profile
K2 37mm Profile
Summit 40mm Profile
Tectonic 57mm Profile
Explorer Engineer Certificate
K2 Engineer Certificate
Summit Engineer Certificate
Tectonic Engineer Certificate

Product Certification

Resistance of Fabrics to Water Penetration Test
Ultra Violet Protection Test
Fire Action Analysis

All Extreme, foldable tent products have been designed, manufactured and assembled under the supervision of qualified structural engineers. In addition to this, in a bid to illustrate just how strong these folding gazebos really are, Extreme Marquees have attained full structural certification for its entire range of marquee products. So what exactly is the Extreme Marquee range?

Extreme Marquees folding tent, folding gazebo and marquee range has been designed and engineered to be light weight, structurally sound, easy to set up and finally safe. At Extreme Marquees we acknowledge that there is no standard order, and that each customer has their own individual needs; for this reason our portable marquee and pop up gazebo range comes in five different strengths. These range from the cheaper Mate folding gazebo, to our Explorer, K2, Summit and lastly our heavy duty Tectonic folding tent. With this extensive range, Extreme Marquees provides a folding marquee for every budget and application. As well as offering many different strengths in our folding marquee range, we also offer them in a variety of different sizes. These sizes include 2.4x2.4, 3x3, 3x4.5, 3x6, 4x4, 4x6, 4x8, 5x5, 6x6 Cobra and a 5.5x5.5 hex. All these marquee frames are manufactured from 6005 T5 aluminium alloy, this material is used to assure both structural stability and good aesthetics.

Our extensive range of gazebos is also equipped with an extensive range of canopies. For example these canopies can come in two different materials. These are our lightweight, flexible more cost effective polyester roofs; and our heavy duty, durable PVC roofs. All these roofs are available in a variety of colours that are displayed elsewhere.