new EMX SERIES HIGH PRESSURE INFLATABLES EMX-4(4x4m) EMX-5 (5x5m) EMX-6 (6x6m) NEW RANGE Available in three sizes with Awnings and Walls

A perfect blend of inspiration and creativity, the all new Extreme Marquees EMX Series high pressure inflatables will turn heads at any events. Advanced technology means the new EMX series is light, compact, fast to set up and importantly strong and sturdy in design. The EMX marquees symmetrical and streamed lined design makes it one of the most elegant promotional structures in our range. Highlighting the high quality fabrics, meticulous craftsmanship and detailed design elements, the EMX series provides the perfect branded solution for your next event. The strength of this structure comes from an internal tube, encased in a special lightweight advanced webbed fabric that enables a high internal pressure to be achieved. This high pressure means great strength and rigidity can be achieved resulting in a very stable structure in adverse weather conditions.

A modern curved shaped awning can be morphed into the design on one or all sides to add additional shade and compliment the overall shape.

The roof and walls can be printed to promote your company's brand. Walls can be printed on one or both sides to ensure you get maximum exposure.

The EMX series can be pumped up using our hand pump or battery/electric pump for complete ease of set up.