Helpful Advice For Maintaining Your Marquee

Owner's Warranty & Care Manual

Download Owner’s Warranty & Care Manual

This manual contains: Warranty Information, Cleaning, Maintenance & Repairs and Important Information about caring for your marquee.

Important Information

Always use sandbags or steel pins to secure your marquee. Do not use your marquee in potential windy or rainy weather. Using your marquee in windy or rainy conditions can result in damage to your marquee or injury to persons. Marquees are designed as temporary shelters. Do not leave up for extended periods of time. Do not leave your marquee unattended.

The marquee must be stood upright during transit. If your marquee needs to be positioned horizontally you MUST remove the roof to prevent damage.


Roof & Walls
When cleaning your marquee canopy (roof,walls or valance panels) use a soft mop and any mild household cleaning fluid such as dish-washing detergent in warm water.

When cleaning the roof canopy of your marquee we recommend that the marquee is fully opened and secured into position. Do not extend the legs. This will avoid the necessity of using a ladder or extension poles.

We recommend that the roof of your marquee should be cleaned regularly depending on frequency of use. Allow your marquee to completely dry before packing down and fitting the protective cover, this will prevent mildew.

Small Stains
Simply clean with a general use household mild detergent and a clean cloth.

We recommend the marquee frame should be cleaned regularly. Use a silicone spray on frame either after use or in damp conditions. This will ensure your frame operates easily and will maintain a clean look. Be sure to remove any excess spray before attaching the roof.

Protective Covers
Insure all protective covers are clean and dry before fitting to any of your marquee products.

Note:Do not use solvents on any part of the marquee.


Regularly check that all screws are firm (not too tight). This can be done by using an allen key and/or screw driver. If a truss bar screw is missing replace immediately as it will put additional pressure on the frame when erecting.

When retracting or extending the legs on your marquee it is important the inner and outer of the leg is clean and free of the following items: sticky tape, masking tape, rope, string and cable ties.
When sticky tape, string etc is left on the leg of a marquee it can cause the inner and outer leg to jam.

Truss Bars
Truss bars are an integral part of the marquee structure, if a truss bar is broken or damaged it is recommended that you do not use the marquee. If operated correctly in normal weather conditions truss bars will not break.


Should your marquee roof be damaged contact the Extreme Marquees office.We will assess the damage and either suggest a repair center, or for your to return the roof to our warehouse/office. In the case of a warranty claim, please use the warranty form.

Should your marquee frame be damaged the following options are available.

1. Contact the Extreme Marquees office. Advise which connector, truss bar or leg requires replacement. Use an allen key or screw driver to remove damage component, replace with new part.

2. In the case of a warranty claim, a Warranty Claim Form must first be completed. You can download the claim form here.