Choose the Perfect Marquee for your School or Sports Club!

We understand how important it is for kids to have proper sun protection. Marquees or tents can go a long way in offering adequate sun protection for kids in schools or sports clubs. We also understand providing shading equipment may need to be done under a budget for many schools or sports clubs. This is why Extreme Marquees have put in extensive effort to develop the Schools and Clubs Package!

The Extreme Marquees' Schools and Clubs Package

Our Extreme Marquees Schools and Clubs Package has been designed to accommodate those requiring a strong and robust folding tent at budget prices. Our K2 Range includes medium weight gazebos and tents that have been reinforced with an aluminium frame to ensure that the unit is stable and secure. Along with a strong frame, our products also use special polyester fabric that:

  • Is high quality and light weight
  • Has a maximum "sun safe" ultraviolet rating of 50+
  • Complies with Australian fire retardant standards
  • Is completely waterproof

Personalize Your Marquee

With due care and cleaning occasionally, this canopy will last for many years. In the event require a new canopy, we always carry a large range of various colours and sizes in stock. Our repair and maintenance department is extremely effective if your frame or canopy has been damaged.

While a strong frame and sturdy material are very important aspects to consider, many schools and clubs like to have tents or marquees that show off their colours and logos. We are happy to offer a wide range of various colours as well as custom printing services to show off your organization. The schools and Clubs package comes standard with a front valance and roof panels that can also be custom printed. This package can also be upgraded for full roof printing of the marquee or tent.

Below, you can see a few of the sizes of marquee that we offer and also some examples of custom printing for schools and clubs. Be sure to browse through our ranges to find the perfect one for you!

Choose from the printing packages OR customise your own marquee package to suit your needs!

Sports Day Banner Pack

Sports Day Banner Pack

  • 4 x Outdoor Banners with Single Side Printing
  • 4 x Banner Ground Holders

A different colour banner for each house/team or 4 of the same design to promote your school or club at events.

Wheeled Marquees

Extreme Marquees has the world's first patented lockable wheeled system for marquees, making it an excellent ergonomic solution for students.

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Great Extras!
There are a wide range of extras that will make the presentation of each sport team easy.

Discover the Options Available.

Printing For Team Presence
Use the custom printing options available to clearly identify which tent belongs to which team. Creating a strong spirit in the different groups.

What Can You Print?

Specification Sheets and Engineer Certificates

K2 37mm Profile
Ultra Violet Protection Test Poly: Resistance of Fabrics to Water Penetration Test
Fire Action Analysis

Why Are Our Marquees So Popular With Schools & Sports Clubs?

When choosing a marquee for a school or sports club, there are a number of important factors that need to be considered, especially if kids will be helping to set up:

  • Strength
  • Quality
  • Weight
  • Mobility

Our range makes use of our patented K2 Frame, which has been designed with high quality polished and anodised aluminium. Each of the units in our range comes with a full manufacturer's warranty. This exclusive frame has undergone many years of development and some of our competitors have attempted to create a similar frame. Our K2 system includes molded pull rings to protect fingers from any injury, and all of the connectors are made from a strong aluminium that comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakages.

The K2 range has full engineering structural certification for peace of mind a public space, ensuring complete stability! Over the years, Extreme Marquees have invested heavily in safety and security, providing written certification for all of our folding marquee products from Civil and Civic Engineering in Sydney. Click Here for all of our product certification, engineering certification and warranty information.

If you would like any further information regarding our K2 ranges or our School and Sports Club Package, please feel free to Contact Us Today. One of our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have!