We have an impressive range of double pole shades in our range

Double Pole Shades are distinctive in design which features two large panels that can display logos or printed graphics. Their unique shape ensures they will be noticed in any event, they will also offer adequate protection from the sun. The Double Pole Star Shade is one of the most popular marquees in our range. This unit offers functionailty, stylish appearance and fantastic value! They are the ideal promotional marquee and have large, flat panels that are perfect for digital printing.

The Double Pole Star Shades are made in four standard sizes. As we design and manufacture all of our own products and ranges, we offer a unique flexibility when dealing with our clients. We are able to offer custom built marquees to specific sizes so that we may better accommodate the needs of our customers. Our smallest available star shaade is 13.5m x 5m x 8.5m and offers a great undercover area. From this, the availabel standard sizes go all the way up to our mammoth 22m x 14m Star Shade. This is the king of all star shades and perfect for large events where you need to provide cover and a cool environment for a big crowd.

Below, you can find more information on each of our standard sizes in the Star Shade range. Be sure to browse through all of our products to find the perfect marquee for you!

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Engineer Certification

Engineer Structural Certificate pdf

Product Certification

  • Resistance of Fabrics to Water Penetration Testpdf
  • Ultra Violet Test
  • Fire Action Analysispdf

Unique and Stylish Star Shades

Our Star Shades come in a variety of eye-catching colours and can transform almost any outdoor space. They are available in both light weight polyester or a heavy duty PVC. We will be able to offer full printing of your double star shade no matter which material you choose.

Our polyester fabric is strong, durable, waterproof and has undergone thorough fire resistance tests. The fabric is light weight which makes for an easy set up and transport. Printing on this fabric is done by a special heat transfer paper sublimation process. This process involves several steps. Firstly, the fabric is passed through two rollers where a temperatrue of 200 degrees Celcius is reached. This process preshrinks and stabilizes the fabric. The artwork is then printed onto a special digital printing paper, which is then fed through the rollers along with the fabric to transfer the prints. This style of printing produces vibrant colours and is almost impossible to scratch.

We also use Sioen PVC for our Star Marquees. Sioen, a belgium company, is a world leader in advanced manufacturing of fabrics and renowned for supplying only the highest quality PVC, a heavy duty fabric that will last for many years before perishing. This fabric is cut into sections and then heat welded together. To print on it, we use a two stage process. The PVC is passed through large foramt digital printers. Six Seiko ink heads spay ink directly onto the PVC surface. After printing, the PVC is then coated with a clear sealant to both lock in the colour and provide resistance against scratching.

Simple and Easy!

Setting up a star shade is fast and easy. We supply detailed instructions that show the step by step installation process. The first time setting up may be a little tricky, but from then on, it's child's play!

The Star Shade can be set up on both grass and concrete. For grass areas, we supply large steel pins that are driven into the ground for stability. To pull out the pin, we also supply a speciall marquee tool. On concreted areas, plates are supplied which can be dyna-bolted into the concrete or alternatively, concrete weights can be placed onto the foot plate.

As with all temporary structures, care and safety should be a priority. With due care, your stylish Star Shade will have a long life of offering shade and protection for the elements over thousands of school children, sports athletes, promotional stands, food stalls, motor vehicles, outdoor prayer meetings, club presentations, birthday parties and so much more!

The Double Star Shade is one of the best engineered marquees for affordability, printing surfaces and ease of set up in Australia. Contact Us Now for more information!