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Clear PVC church windows look stylish and will brighten up the inside of our event tent range. Perfect for use in windy or wet days when the marquees side walls need to be closed. Also suitable for wet or inclement days. Ample natural light inside the marquee will mean less reliance on electric lighting.

Colours available

Extreme Marquees Event Crest Marquee Colours

Clear walls offer a full clear panel to allow maximum light inside the marquee. These side panels can slide open in good weather conditions or can be closed should rain or wind occur. Clear walls, church walls and full white PVC walls are all inter-connectable. One popular option is for 2 sides to use PVC walls and 2 sides clear walls. The white walls can be used to shield against the western sun and clear walls to let in as much natural light as possible should the side panels need to be closed.

Full PVC, clear and church walls PVC walls are all inter-connectable. Adding coloured walls allows you the freedom of creativity. Why not try coloured wall panels with a custom printed gable to enhance your brands presence? Get in contact with our design team today.

Colours available

Extreme Marquees Event Crest Marquee Colours
Event Marquee

Roof and wall linings add elegance to the inside of the marquee. The roof lining is easy to install and flows over head in several wave sections. Perfect for weddings or use at corporate events where a distinct and stylish appearance is necessary. Wall linings can also be added to soften the inside appearance when the side panels are closed.

Glass windows are sheets of glass with an aluminium frame. They can be incorporated into one side or all sides of the marquee. Perfect for semi-permanent applications.

Glass doors can be used with standard PVC walls or with glass panels. Single or double glass doors are hinged and suitable for semi-permanent installations.

Wooden flooring is a modular cassette system that locks into the frame. Easy to install and perfect for weddings and professional events.

Colours available

The non-slip flooring is an easily installed modular cassette system that locks into the frame.

Colours available

Glass transportation racks offer a safe and secure method to transport glass doors or wall panels. Perfect for regularly transporting doors and windows or for storage when not in use.

Weight plates are an accessory that bolts to the marquee foot so that concrete weights can be applied. Made from galvanised steel and are easy to install. Perfect for when the marquee must be set up on concrete or surfaces where steel pins or bolts cannot be used.

Steel pins are an accessory used to hold down the marquee on grass. Steel pins are inserted through holes in the steel feet and anchored into the ground. Pin pullers are used to easily remove the pin from the ground.


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