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Extreme Marquees is a world leader in utilising the latest digital technology to print outdoor branding solutions. Our technicians are constantly researching and sourcing the most advanced digital printing equipment on the world market today. Printing technology has seen great advancements over recent years. Keeping up with these latest developments is of paramount importance to ensure the highest quality branded tents, promotional folding marquees, pop up gazebos and feather banners are manufactured.

The world’s first digital printer was invented by Benny Landa and was commercialised in 1993. Landa’s company “Indigo” was based in Rehovot in Israel. Landa, who holds more than 800 patents, changed printing forever when the “E- Print 1000” was released into the market place. His new digital printer replaced the century’s old mechanical moving plate method invented by the German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg in around 1440. Landa’s intention allowed computer generated files to be printed directly onto paper and consequently other mediums such as PVC and PVC coated polyester used in our marquee canopy manufacturing. Companies such as Cannon and Xerox were quick to get into the digital printing revolution. Lands’s company Indigo was eventually bought by Hewlett Packard in 2000 and continues to lead research and development within this industry.


The advantages of digital printing over the traditional plates and film method are quality, low cost and speed. Modern digital printers offer vibrant, flawless colour that can be printed over the full length of the fabric. Custom digital printing is fast and high definition photographic artwork files can be downloaded and printed directly onto any of our folding marquees range or other promotional products such as feather banners and outdoor displays


Extreme Marquees offer the complete branded pop up tent solutions tailored to meet all companies’ requirements and budgets. We also offer artwork packages should you require our assistance in creating logos or layouts. We can also source photographs and images to make your branded gazebo a stand-out success at your next event. Bronze artwork packages are “free” and include a basic design concept. Our silver and gold custom printed marquee packages are also available should you require additional levels of assistance in sourcing or designing your custom canopy’s graphics. The silver package includes one major range of changes if the design concept you receive does suit your brief. The gold package includes 2 rounds of major changes.


Extreme Marquees uses the highest quality raw materials when we manufacture our custom printed marquees. The material we use in our canopy’s is heavy duty and will last for several years if maintained correctly. All custom printed roofs have an internal flap ( unique to Extreme Marquees ) with eyelets to attach the walls. This system makes attaching the walls to custom printed canopies an easy and straight forward task. Cheaper marquees generally use Velcro’s to attach side walls to the roof. Velcro’s after time will fill with dirt and make the walls difficult to attach. Our system of hanging plain and custom printed canopy side walls will mean years of trouble free use.


Selecting the right fabric for your custom printed marquee is of paramount importance to get the right product for the right use. Polyester roofs are lighter weight and great for every weekend use. If packed away dry and looked after, they will last for several years and still look good. PVC is our premium heavy duty fabric. This marquee canopy fabric is commercial grade and can be left set up permanently for many years requiring only a high pressure water clean to ensure it looks good. PVC fabric will also block more heat, keeping those under cooler. The PVC outdoor canopy’s can be fully custom printed with our imported 6 colour digital printers. We use imported UV fade resistant inks on all custom printed roofs.


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