COVID-19 Pandemic: The Royal Brisbane Hospital is Using 8×4 Marquee as Portable Medical Tent

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So far, Australia has recorded just a little over 4,200 cases, but there have been 18 deaths. The government, in an effort to be proactive, has set up several fever clinics to contain patients infected with coronavirus. These fever clinics are made up of the 8×4 marquee tents supplied by Extreme Marquees.

The first home-grown case was reported in Sydney – a 95-year old nursing home resident who died at the Dorothy Henderson Lodge in Macquarie Park. This has made the government take active steps to be prepared, in case the outbreak spikes up.

“We’ve planned, we have got everything in place, we will be able to do much, much better than China,” Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young told The Australian. She continued, “They were in the middle of it before they even knew they had it. We have got all of those processes happening now.”

Extreme Marquees has always been an advocate of public health and safety. All our products pass stringent QCs to ensure the safety of our customers. We manufacture our products with the utmost care and perform due diligence to enforce the regional and national standards laid down by the governing authorities. This is more significant during this time with the fear of the corona pandemic looming over us.

Why Portable Medical Tent Required?

Isolation, followed by quarantine, is the first course of action advised for individuals infected with the novel coronavirus – and fever clinics have been established to deal with the anticipated onslaught of the infection.

The Royal Brisbane Hospital has been set up with several 8×4 marquee tents that will act as emergency medical tents for patients. The intensive care capacity has also been doubled. “We are prepared for the worst and hoping for the best,” said infectious disease director Alex Chaudhuri. He further added, “Our plan is to be adaptable, resilient, and we are certainly increasing our capacity in the fever clinic as part of that strategy to deal with the increasing numbers.”

However, these clinics are the last resort; that is, if the results are positive, only then an individual would be directed to the fever clinic. Initially, the suspected individuals would be taken to a single room for a checkup. In case of a wait, they are going to be placed on chairs placed wide apart from each other.

These clinics resemble a transparent portable tent, with plastic chairs for the sick spaced 1.5m apart, and side flaps raised to allow access to the medical professionals from the emergency services of the hospital.

portable medical tent

Image credits: The Australian

Dr. Young said, “There is no way we want people with the flu getting mixed with people who might have COVID-19. People won’t be sitting in a waiting room mixing their viruses – that won’t happen.”

Extreme Marquees hopes and prays for the pandemic to affect the continent as mildly as possible. We also urge people to stay indoors, and only go outside when absolutely necessary. Our new quarantine portable medical tent fast deployment range for COVID-19 is ready to be used. Browse these tents online or talk to our customer care representative at 1300 850 832 to place your order.

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