How To Setup Marquee Coloured Frames And Wheels

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Exclusive and only available at Extreme Marquees, Australia’s largest provider of pop up gazebos. At Extreme we offer competitive and sale prices on all marquee products.

At Extreme we design all of our products, we manufacture all of our products and we ship all of our products Australia and New Zealand wide!

Wheeled or Mobile Marquees feature our Patented Wheel Design – Patent # 2012101741 and are unique to our product range.

The wheels are detachable so you can remove at any time! Securing your marquee to any surface is easy work using our range of products extended steel pins, tie down straps, sandbags or weight plates. The patented wheel design is available for two of our signature range marquees 40mm Summit and 57mm Tectonic Frame Strengths.

Both marquee frame strengths are quick and easy to setup and with the wheels you can setup, move or re-position your marquee with ease.

Anodised coloured frames are also exclusive to our range featuring 7 unique colours which will make any great looking marquee look amazing! Available in 40mm Summit Frames in a wide range of metallic colours.

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