Make Your Agricultural Shows And Farm Events Successful With Marquees

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Any outdoor events like agricultural shows and farm events require proper settings to keep the plant and plant products protected and to keep the farm animals and products away from sun, rain and wind. Providing shade and safety for the animals is one of the main concerns of the event organisers. There is also need for a sheltered area for preparing and serving food. Such shelter needs can be solved using appropriate marquees.


One of the main advantages of using agricultural marquees is that this protection covering can be carried to any area where the event is happening. You can find marquees of different sizes and shapes, which can be used according to your space needs for the guests taking part, for the plants and also for the animals. When you are conducting an event in a field or farm area, there won’t be many buildings to give protection from the elements. You can find tents with small holding space to large scale structures from the company manufacturing the item or from rental companies.

Varied options

It is easy to find the agricultural or farm tents of your choice from the varying options provided by the marquee producing companies. If you want to protect the small animals in your farm from heat and rain, you can opt for the pen marquees. If you are looking for protection for larger animals like cows and horses you can use a yard or hutchie marquees. There are also other options available like silo, hanger, barrack and platoon, etc., with high roofs to keep the various agricultural or farm equipments safely. You can also use them to store various agricultural and farm products.

Functionality at an affordable price

The marquees provide excellent functionality by providing shade and protection from rain, snow, etc. Marquees made from strong galvanised steel and with PVC roof are very affordable and can withstand bad weather conditions. Make sure you are getting a strong tent within your budget when you are using the marquee for outdoor events. When you require huge open and uninterrupted shaded areas for your event, you can opt for the hanger type marquee. You just need to assess your marquee requirement for agricultural purpose or for farming needs and you can order them from reputed companies providing innovative products. Ensure that the design of the marquee suits your specific needs and is appropriate and safe for use. It must also meet the industry standards.

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