Stay Safe and Protected – Purchase Certified Australian Heavy-duty Marquee!

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Site inspection? Check.

Permits and licences? Obtained.

Heavy duty marquee bought? Yes!

Marquee safety inspection done? Umm…what’s that mate?

With great marquee comes great responsibility. When you host an event outdoors, the safety of your event attendees must be paramount. Does your marquee supplier vouch for its framework to withstand inclement weather? Can they support their claim with proper documents? In the event of fire, will your marquee be alright or will it burn down?

At Extreme Marquees, we proudly present Engineer Structural Certificate with all our products. We’re confident that our marquees will give you the maximum comfort during your event without jeopardising the safety of your attendees.

And as a valued customer, it is your right to demand a Certificate of Compliance so that you can go ahead and organise your event in peace.

So, what is a Certificate of Compliance?

The Australian Building Codes Board or ABCB, has recognised regulatory issues associated with temporary structures (such as event marquees, pop up marquee, heavy duty marquee, inflatable gazebos, etc.), and have developed a standard which enables territory and state authorities for using it as a primary source of reference for the design, construction, and application of these structures.

According to ABCB, “This Standard is intended for use in the design, construction and use of temporary structures. It provides criteria for structural safety (particularly determining appropriate wind actions), fire safety (including fire resistance of materials, fire safety services and equipment, and egress), access, sanitary facilities and certain ancillary provisions.”

Temporary structures are often required at a very short notice, but this does not diminish the safety concerns that may arise due to improper installation or faulty manufacturing of these structures.

Why do you need a certification of compliance?

Certification of compliance ensures that your temporary structure adheres to the safety standards laid down by apex industry bodies in Australia. When you buy a marquee, you make a long term investment, which is why your purchase should be thoroughly researched, wise, and prudent.

  • Compliance Certification ensures safety

Marquees which adhere to Australian Safety Standards ensure the safety of people underneath. Moreover, expert certified marquees are built over a sturdy framework so that they don’t bend or fall, hurting people during strong winds or during a fire.

Such marquees are:

  1. Impervious to water
  2. Fire-proof
  3. Wind resistant
  4. Resistant to ultra violet rays (50+ rating or more)

In short, if you’re planning an outdoor event, a certified marquee will give you the peace of mind and freedom to decorate creatively and tastefully.

  • Premium quality increases durability

Major marquee providers supply marquees with warranties that extends up to 10 years. A long warranty is a promise of quality – it means that the supplier is confident that the marquee will have a long life and will withstand wear and tear.

A certificate of compliance assures a manufacturer to become confident of their product, thereby offering warranties for longer durations.

Don’t forget to ask for a quality certificate for your purchase!

Getting the right product for your hard-earned money is your right – exercise it. Always ask for a Certificate of Compliance or an Engineer Structural Certificate, so that you can plan your events with more enthusiasm, energy, and peace of mind.

And if you’re looking for a trusted brand with a durable heavy duty marquee, choose Extreme Marquees, in Australia. With over a decade’s experience in marquee, tents, and the gazebos industry, our experience speaks for itself. Our products are of high quality, structural engineer certified, and sourced directly from our production facility – finest products at lowest prices, guaranteed!

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