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When creating awareness for a brand, whether it’s a for-profit business, charity organisation or political campaign, public identity is crucial. Properly representing your image can make all the difference in attracting new customers, donors or supporters. You will likely find yourself attending various outdoor events to conduct commercial promotion, spread your message or grow recognition of your agenda. Whether you’re assembling at a trade fare, corporate show, market meet or election rally, you must first consider suitable shelter for your staff and patrons.

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Upgrade to Ultra Violet printing, lasting up to 3x longer than sublimation printing.


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Promote Your Business with a Branded Marquee

What you need is a temporary structure that can provide reliable protection from the elements, keeping your occupants sun-safe and dry, while also promoting your brand or cause. A printed marquee is what you’re looking for. This product serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it offers fast and easily assembled shade for any outdoor environment. Secondly, it broadcasts who you are and what you do to the general public passing through or passing by. A folding marquee can be erected in mere minutes and safely secured with the use of stakes, tie-downs and weights. Your logo, business name or contact information can then be displayed to all persons in the surrounding area, which makes them all the more likely to visit your marquee stall for more information or simply to seek shelter. This will be your opportunity to meet, greet and share with them your sales pitch or mission statement. To make your business branding or organisation identity truly eye-catching at a trade show or fundraiser, a stunning fully printed custom branded marquee is the way to go. Printed marquees are the most popular option for both corporate show days and outdoor charity events alike.

Extreme Marquees has been producing quality printed marquees since 2003, nearly twenty years! Over this time we’ve developed our skills and perfected our processes in order to deliver the most outstanding branded marquee products to our customers, no matter how complex or diverse the artwork requirements may be. We’ve led the industry in innovative print technology through high precision sublimation printers. Extreme Marquees utilises state of the art print technology in combination with high-quality imported digital inks to achieve a vibrant and colourful display that can stand the test of our harsh climate and weather conditions. Our in-house team of printed marquee specialists are professional, capable and happy to offer their expertise to the fullest extent in providing you the best possible branded marquee design. Our graphics coordinators and designers work with customers each step of the way, sparing no expense in time, knowledge and attention to detail, so that you can conclude the artwork process with total satisfaction in the preprint layout and trust in our team. The 3×6 metre Extreme Marquees gazebo is the most popular option for corporate events, agricultural shows, athletic venues, sport fields and motorsport events. 3×6 printed marquees are available in all folding frame ranges and can be printed with standard sublimation technology or upgraded to the latest and greatest UV print method.

A custom branded marquee is an excellent tool in advertising your brand while at the same time providing the practical benefit of portable shelter. Whether seeking outdoor shade or an indoor workspace, a folding printed marquee is great for use at festivals, exhibits, trade shows, and other networking events. Experience shows that custom branded and printed marquees deliver consistent marketing results. They’re ideal for both professional and recreational events, for use as a kiosk booth, checkout stand, first aid station, and so much more. If you have a fundraiser, office event, tradeshow, farmer’s market, birthday party, wedding, tailgate, and more, an Extreme Marquee is bound to steal the show. Sizes available for custom printing include 3×3, 3×4.5, 3×6, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 5×5 and 6×6 metre spans, with smaller sizes such as 1.5×1.5 and 2.5×2.4 also on offer. Multiple fabric options apply to each of our folding marquee ranges, coming in your choice of polyester or PVC material, and with the capability for either sublimation or UV custom printing methods.

Haven’t decided just yet what size branded marquee is right for you? Considering the following rundown based on our years of experience dealing with the public and exceeding their branded shelter requirements. The 3×3 metre custom marquee is the top selling product in the Extreme Marquees arsenal. Often the most sought-after size, a 3x3m suits most market stall spaces, trade fair venues, and even the family’s spot at the beach. If you’re somewhere between the budget and size requirements of a 3×3 and 3×6 marquee, why not pick the 3×4.5 metre Extreme Marquees custom printed marquee? It’s the ideal choice of shelter for those medium size areas at both personal and professional events.

When ordering a branded marquee with Extreme Marquees, there are no limitations to your imagination or wildest graphics dreams. Whatever the design requirement may be, our advanced sublimation print technology can achieve any artwork concept in both colour depth and contrast. The printed 900D 350GSM fabric is coated with a layer of protective polyurethane to maximise environmental resistance. All Extreme Marquees printed marquees come with a warranty period which covers any untimely colour fading. This material can last for years if properly cared for and maintained in accordance with our care instructions.

When custom printing folding marquee, you would surely want to do anything you can in taking the design and attention-grabbing to the Extreme. Our graphics team will ensure that this already amazing product gets the artwork treatment it deserves when you choose to fully brand the rooftop and walls. Combine this with our state-of-the-art UV print technology and this gazebo becomes more eye-catching than the boldest highway billboards. If you upgrade to our latest Extreme Marquees-pioneered UV printing method, your custom branding is even further guaranteed to stand above all the rest. The colour definition and fullness made possible by ultraviolet technology is unrivalled in the market and even lasts three times longer than typical sublimation printed material. UV graphics will appear brighter and more vibrant than any other printed marquee available in Australia. What’s more, our fabrics are specially rated with fire retardant standards and come fully waterproof and engineer certified for peace of mind that your Extreme printed marquee is the best of the best this industry has to offer.


Our team of engineers and developers are continuously looking at ways to improve our marquee and shade products. We manufacture our frames from either steel or polished aluminium. Steel frames are strong, robust and offer strength at a great entry price. Our polished aluminium frames are manufactured from marine grade alloy and will endure more than 10 years of use if used in accordance with our care and maintenance document. We offer a huge range of aluminium frame sizes and strengths, but don’t worry; we are happy to recommend the right product for your application.


Our extensive range of folding plain and printed marquees commences with our hexagonal steel X5 frames, which are available in three sizes. The X5 Explorer range comes in either 3×3, 3×4.5 or 3×6 metre span marquees. The 45mm steel hexagonal legs offer superior strength over any competitor’s steel folding marquee frame. The X5 folding gazebo pack comes complete with a wheeled carry bag, heavy duty tie down straps and steel pins. Although the X5 is our entry level marquee range, if secured with the steel pins and commercial straps on each leg, an Explorer is capable of enduring adverse weather conditions. However, we do recommend that all plain or printed marquees are put away during storms and heavy wind conditions.


The X6 is our most popular aluminium frame range, especially for custom printed marquee canopies. Our X6 has been carefully developed to offer strength at a reduced overall gross weight making it the easiest commercial grade marquees to set up on the market. The X5 marquee frame is the only 45mm aluminium leg marquee to also have aluminium connectors and heavy duty truss bars. The aluminium connectors ensure this is the highest quality medium weight marquee available. The X6 is perfect for trade shows and events making this the ideal printed marquee candidate.


The X7 is by far the heaviest duty commercial grade folding frame on the market globally. Our X7 Tectonic Range is even strong enough to support the weight of a BMW, as featured in our video gallery. The legs consist of a sturdy 57mm hexagonal cross section while the aluminium ribs are oversized in profile, making this structure the strongest in our range of folding marquees.

*This was conducted under supervised conditions and should not be replicated by the public or in any non-professional circumstances.


The Q8 is our advanced, cutting edge technology all-aluminium frame folding marquee, but with an enhanced feature twist. The unique inner tracking found in the legs and wall bars allows for special walls and partitions to be slipped into the groove for a superior and flush fit. This is why the Q8 is considered the most professional folding marquee in its class. Only available from Extreme Marquees, the Q8 is like no other professional marquee solution. The unique tracking system also means that printed marquee walls and half-size walls can be configured in numerous positions. The Q8 printed marquee is the perfect bespoke event solution.

Custom Printed Marquee FAQ's

Every panel of your marquee or pop up tent can be printed. There are absolutely no limitations to where your logo or photographic art work can be printed. We divide the marquee into 8 sections of 4 roof panels and 4 valance panels each. You can digitally print on any combination. We have 4 set of print packages; however, the final choice is up to you.

We supply free quotations for branded gazebos. A 3D mock-up for your designs can also be arranged, free of charge.

If you provide printable files then there is no charge for up to 2 layouts. Our graphics consultant will send you a pre-print layout for approval before the final printing. If you need logos or art work modified or changed then this change is free of charge. Should your artwork not be of print quality we can provide you with a quotation to have it redrawn or find suitable images that are available over the internet. These are bought under license and normally attract a small fee.

It takes about 15 to 20 business days to produce and deliver a custom printed marquee. A plain marquee can be delivered to you in about 7 to 10 business days.

Yes! Photos can be printed on all panels of your folding gazebo. The only limitation is the quality of file that you send to us. Try opening and enlarging the photo on your computer as a simple test. If the image distorts or becomes unclear then it will be unsuitable for printing. If you take the photo yourself, try saving it with the highest resolution setting.

We use 3 different printing processes. Each has their own distinct advantages:

1) Digital sublimation printing is vibrant and very cost-effective. The inks are imported and high-quality. However, if the marquees or promotional banners are left outside permanently or for extended periods, the ink will fade. Some colours tend to fade faster than others.

2) UV printing uses the latest technology and lasts at least 3 times longer than digital sublimation printing. It’s perfect if you want extended life from your printed gazebo or marquee canopy and promotional materials! Our material is upgraded to 900D 358GSM for extended use.

3) PVC digital printing is used when upgrading to our heaviest and most durable 580GSM PVC. This fabric will last for at least 10 years. The printed surface is coated with a hot lacquer to extend the life of printing.

Ordering a marquee or gazebo can be done online. You can browse through our store to find a marquee that you like and place an order. If your artwork is simple then you can upload it and pay online. For more complex jobs we recommend calling our office. Call our helpline at 1300 850 832 to talk to our experts and buy a custom printed marquee after discussing your printing requirements.

You can browse through our complete range of marquees and gazebos online here. Our smallest folding marquees start at 1.5×1.5m and go all the way up to 6x6m. We also feature inflatables, star-shades, dome marquees, arch tents, and large event and wedding tents – all of which can be digitally printed or custom branded for your event or business.

Marquee roofs, walls, and floor panels can be digitally printed. We can also print the valance, additional sidewalls, and any promotional collateral you may provide.

The option is yours if you would like to. Otherwise, we have a fully equipped in-house design team that is just a phone call away. If you have a logo and artwork available, we can come up with a few concepts and designs. We can also create a design from just your ideas or a rough sketch. Design work and artwork creation are charged on an hourly basis.

Not necessarily. A grassy surface is preferrable, but in case it is not accessible, your custom marquee can also be erected over a non-grassy surface.

Yes – With the right heating or cooling apparatus, a custom marquee can be set up in any season, warm or cold. Heaters and air conditioners can be used inside the marquee if placed safely and appropriately.

Follow these tips below to keep your custom marquee clean:

  • Before folding and packing away your custom marquee, make sure that it is dry. Moisture-ridden custom marquees can accumulate mould and cause rust on the frame.
  • Before cleaning, brush off dirt and debris from the roof of the marquee.
  • If required, wash the fabric with a soft sponge, mild soap, and lukewarm water. You can also use a wet cloth and wipe dry the frame, roof, and walls.

Remove the walls from the marquee and leave them out to dry. Once they are dried, you can safely store them away inside with the other marquee components. Do not pack away a wet marquee – it can accumulate mould and cause rust on the frame.

Marquee weights keep the tent secure to the ground. A lack of proper and adequate weight can allow the marquee to be uprooted and blown away by wind. We recommend always using weights when setting up custom marquees outdoors.

The marquee frame is pre-assembled, but you will need to attach the roof and expand the frame when setting up. This process is quick and easy. Watch our video tutorial and follow the instructions on the page to set up your marquee frame and roof.

Most of our custom marquees come with a warranty of up to five years. For more details, please contact our customer care executives at 1300 850 832.

Extreme Marquees roofs are engineered to suit our unique frame specifications. It is unlikely that competing marquee frames will fit our roofs perfectly.


‘Putting the extreme into marquees’

We are so certain you won’t find cheaper that we offer a Lowest Price Guarantee, we’ll beat a lower price by 10% on identical competitors marquee products*

Pick up the phone and call us on 1300 850 832 to talk to one of our helpful & friendly staff. If you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, PerthNewcastle, the Central Coast or anywhere else in Australia!

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