4m x 4m Square Cantilever Umbrella

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 The 4x4m Square Cantilever Umbrella is the perfect shade solution for your backyard, pool or entertaining area. The Cantilever series offers the ability to rotate the umbrella 360 degrees for ease and convenience without jeopardising structural durability.

The Square Cantilever umbrella top is available in a few fabric options; polyester, imported Italian Para Tempotest and Spanish Recasens fabric. The Recasens fabric has an impressive five year fade resistance warranty to ensure your canopy looks bright and fresh at all times and the extruded aluminium centre pole is 6.5cm x 3.5cm to ensure strength. The 4x4m Square Cantilever umbrella is great value for money.

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Frame Specifications
Size: 4m x 4m Square Umbrella
Frame: Aluminium 
Height Opened: 2.75m
Height Closed: 3m
Clearance Opened: 2.25m
Clearance Closed: 15cm
Frame Weight: 22kg 
Roof Weight: 4kg 
Main Pole: 11cm x 7cm
Support Bar: 6.5cm x 3.5cm
Roof Open: 4m x 4m
Roof Closed: 5.6cm
Packing Box: 25cm x 45cm x 280cm

Polyester Fabric
Recasens Fabric
Para Fabric

Full Roof Print (4 Panels)

Poly Fabric: 12 Months
Recasens Fabric: 5 Years
Para Fabric: 5 Years
Aluminum Frame: 12 Months

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