5m x 5m – X100 Series Heavy Duty Square Umbrella Printed

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A popular size for many, the 5×5 metre square-shape X-100 umbrella is an excellent mid-size option for those seeking long-term shade installation. Its heavy-duty engineering and beautifully crafted canopy design make this Flare Shade product suitable for all requirements, whether for beauty or resilience.



The X-100’s strength stems from its centre support pole which measures a considerable 100mm in diameter. High quality, marine-rated extruded aluminium is used in the manufacture of all X Series frames at up to 8 millimetres thickness for ensured hard-wearing longevity. 

Flare Shade offers only durable, weather-proof fabrics for its umbrella canopy tops. Your choices consist of imported Spanish Recacril or top performing Tempotest acrylic by Italian brand Para. You can nominate any one of dozens of vibrant colour possibilities available with each material range.

Frame Specifications
Size: 5m x 5m Square Umbrella
Frame: Aluminium 
Opened Height: 3.4m
Clearance: 2.6m
Frame Weight: 120kg
Roof Weight: 12kg
Pole Diameter: 10cm
Roof: 5m x 5m
Packing Box: 45cm x 56cm x 490cm 

European Made Acrylic

Full Roof Print (4 Panels)

Recasens Fabric: 5 Years
Para-Tempotest Fabric: 5 Years
Aluminium Frame: 5 Years

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