5m x 5m – X200 Series Heavy Duty Square Umbrella Printed

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Reaching an abundant 5 metre canopy span, the X-200 5×5 is the largest of Flare Shade’s square-shape heavy duty umbrella range. Flare’s in-house engineering team has designed this umbrella structure from the ground up to be stylish, solid and versatile in any location or weather environment.

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With the iconic 105mm diameter centre pole bearing the frame and the hearty dual-bar support ribs bracing the large 5m canopy span, there’s no stopping the 5×5 X-200. The build consists of high-quality marine-grade extruded aluminium, ensuring structural integrity and long life.

Fabric choices come in the form of three different durable, highly rated materials. An affordable PU-coated poly, Spanish acrylic or premium Italian Para each come with their own generous selection of captivating colour options.

Frame Specifications
Size: 5m x 5m Square Umbrella
Frame: Aluminium 
Opened Height: 3.4m
Clearance: 2.6m
Frame Weight: 110kg
Roof Weight: 12kg
Pole Size: 10cm x 10cm
Roof: 5m x 5m
Packing Box: 38cm x 38.5cm x 451cm 

European Made Acrylic

Full Roof Print (4 Panels)

Recasens Fabric: 5 Years
Para-Tempotest Fabric: 5 Years
Aluminium Frame: 5 Years

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