5m – Heavy Duty Y100 Series Octagonal Umbrella

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If seeking a high-end, tough as nails shade product that doesn’t fall short in the way of visual appeal, look no further than a Flare Shade 5m Y-100 Series umbrella. This heavy duty, commercial-rated octagonal umbrella is expertly designed to be both beautiful in appearance and unfailingly sturdy for long-term utilisation.



The frame structure – crafted from up to 6mm thick extruded aluminium – is marine-rated and features unrivalled material strength. Its sizable 100 millimetre diameter centre pole confidently bears the overall umbrella profile, braced further by a set of durable dual-bar ribs for extension of the 5 metre canopy span. 

All Flare Shade heavy duty commercial umbrellas can be customised with the choice between three high quality canopy fabrics and a large selection of colour options to boot. Imported Spanish Recacril from Recasens or long-life Italian Tempotest are each available.

Frame Specifications
Size: 5m Octagonal Umbrella
Frame: Aluminium 
Opened Height: 3.4m
Clearance: 2.6m
Frame Weight: 120kg
Roof Weight: 12kg
Pole Diameter: 10cm
Roof Diameter: 5m
Packing Box: 45cm x 56cm x 490cm 

European Made Acrylic

Full Roof Print (4 Panels)

Recasens Fabric: 5 Years
Para-Tempotest Fabric: 5 Years
Aluminium Frame: 5 Years

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