7-point Checklist to Setup Event Gazebos Successfully

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Venue. Check.Costume. Check. Catering. Check. Marquee. Check. Reaching venue on time. Check. Event Gazebos setup…? Uh-oh! Whether you’re organising a birthday party in your backyard, or throwing your wedding reception party, or organising your annual corporate fundraiser; if your event gazebos are not set up and ready to be used on the day of your event, all the planning and effort simply goes down the drain. At Extreme Marquees, we provide our customers with a succinct 7-point checklist to make sure they are all ready for their big day. Continue to cross off items from this list and you’ll be…

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Extreme Marquees is Australia's leading supplier of custom printed marquees, gazebos & event tents since 2003. Extreme Marquees produces only the highest quality products with pop up gazebos and event tents made from commercial marine grade aluminium & high quality fabrics.

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