“Thanks for you email re , about our order with Extreme Marquees. Mate to be honest what wouldn’t we LOVE about any of our Extreme Marquees products , last year we had been given a GOLD frame marquee , this year we had been given a TRUE BLUE marquee as well as walls , valance and floor as part of a deal with Kristy and Extreme Marquees with Katie and Nate K04N17 jnr mx team , we LOVE all the products we have received from Extreme Marquees , this time however was different to when we received the original gold frame. This time we had been given the opportunity of getting a valance which had to go thru your design department , then also due to limited stock of walls etc , we had also got sent thru to your back order department. This for me really showed what a operation Extreme Marquees really is , and also how lucky we are to be involved with you guys. Right from the get go with your design department coming to us with designs , running thru with us with options , then most importantly was the back order section, they had contacted me straight away to let me know, that there was a stock issue , and gave me a time line , also had kept in contact with me on times. I highly doubt that any of these individuals had known we had a sponsorship deal with Extreme Marquees, so all I can assume is that your whole group is highly skilled at providing unbelievable customer satisfaction . I have always been critical of sponsorship deals from my own racing career now with it being my kids , its not only a case of teaching them about business and sponsorship its also about what they need to do to help with your return on investment but also asking ourselves can we be honest with ourselves with what we are promoting ,we love our gold frame marquees , as do we love the TRUE BLUE but now to see your whole operation from design to backorder to delivery , What can I say ? this is what I can say , We are very appreciative to say we are involved with such a great product but most importantly a GREAT ORGINISATION  We love being able to showcase the gold EXTREME MARQUEE as well as the entry level True Blue  I can verify all aspects of everything including design are equal to your product , UNBELIEVABLE , we are very honored to be a part of the EXTREMEE MARQUEE family.”

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