About Extreme Marquees

Extreme Marquees – Count on us for a GREAT event!

At Extreme Marquees, our endeavour is to bring innovation and safety into our marquee manufacturing process without compromising the quality – and our efforts are clearly visible as Australia’s favourite portable outdoor shelters and entertainment venues supplier!

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Unmatched customer support

Your event is not just another sales opportunity for us. We’re hyped to see your business grow and feel honoured to have been a part of your journey.

We truly care about every customer who we work with. Our service experts personally see to it that you receive a product that’s best suited to your event and carries the right features that help accentuate your brand appeal.

And we care for you event after you buy from us. Need a spare? Or want a replacement? Our customer service team is always ready to help you with replacements, warranties, and tips on how to get the most out of your gazebo. Our products come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty on the frame and fabric for up to 10 years and filing claims is as easy as placing an order.

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Experienced Manufacturers

We source and collect the best quality raw materials so that our esteemed clients only get the finest and highest quality gazebos for their events. Our commercial-grade PVC is imported from France and Belgium where it is manufactured in our off-shore Australian managed factory, to reach our distribution warehouses and service centres in Australia.

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We have your event under control

The original charter of Extreme Marquees Pty. Ltd. was to design reliable, durable, and safe products for commercial and recreational uses. Thanks to our experienced engineers and industry experts who manage our entire marquee range, our products are weather, water, and fire-proof, and come with Engineer’s Certificate of Compliance for structural integrity.

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Brand – Like never before

We offer state-of-the-art printers that use anti-fade inks and print your business logo and details in rich, vibrant, and colourful format. Our in-house graphic design experts can also assist you in getting the artwork ready for custom printing your gazebo. You will be able to see the exact layout and design before it’s printed on the marquee. Just share the artwork with us to get started.

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Putting the ‘EXTREME’ in marquees

Ever evolving and improving, we’re excited to present to you our advanced, all-purpose marquees manufactured with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to you, we can share our innovations in gazebo design and development with customers as durable, long-lasting, and all-purpose marquees, gazebos, and promotional banners.

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Meet the Team!

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Director – 2002

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General Manager – 2018

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Office Manager – 2009

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Sales Consultant – 2006

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Sales Consultant – 2018 

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Sales Consultant – 2010

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Sales Consultant – 2018 

em harry 01 minem harry 02 min


Admin – 2019

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Accounts – 2019

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Accounts – 2007

em alex 01 minem alex 02 min


Accounts Assistant – 2018 

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Graphics & Production Manager – 2012

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Graphic Coordinator – 2012

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Graphic Coordinator – 2017

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Graphic Designer – 2019

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Inventory Coordinator – 2019

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Logistics Coordinator – 2016

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Warehouse Manager – 2010

em tom 01 minem tom 02 min


Spare Parts Manager – 2011

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Warehouse Operations – 2017

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Warehouse Operations – 2019

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Warehouse Operations – 2019

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