Our range of arch tents and gazebo arches are a truly unique style of marquee. From the curved stylings to the five-sided framework, everything about the arch tent is like no other product on the market. Adding to the frame and design is the peak ventilation system exclusive to this range of gazebos. Gazebo arches and Arch Tents also feature an easy-to-use awning system that curves round from each leg to create an elegant doorway that can be created on any of the five potential entrances. Add custom printing to your Arch Tent or Gazebo Arch and you have a product that truly is a one of a kind!

The 5m Arch Tent features a unique design that covers a cross section of 5 metres. The dynamic structure and flexibility in adding extras such as walls and awnings makes this arch tent a must have promotional product!

Size: 5m
From $1,140

Arch Tent Frame Specifications
Height: 3.6m
Clearance: 2.6m
Frame Weight: 40kg
POLY Roof Weight: 7kg
Center Pole: Aluminium
Center Pole Diameter: 63mm
Center Pole Thickness: 2.5mm
Feet: Steel

The 7.5m Arch Tent is a larger format version of the Arch Tent and features a unique Gazebo Archway entrance. This 5-sided promotional tent is both unique and effective in attracting attention at any event. The domed styling and arched gazebo entryways create an event structure like no other.

Size: 7.5m
From $1,715

Arch Tent & Gazebo Arch Frame Specifications
Height: 5m
Clearance: 3.7m
Frame Weight: 50kg
POLY Roof Weight: 13.5kg
Center Pole: Aluminium
Center Pole Diameter: 63mm
Center Pole Thickness: 2.5mm
Feet: Steel

Polyester Standard Colours

Arch Tents are unique in the Extreme marquees range for a number of reasons. The five sides to the structure creates a dynamic and angular look that strikes a contrast next to the standard square shaped marquees. The framework is designed to create a curved look that removes the regular angular square shaped look. At the peak of the marquee is an aesthetically functional roof ventilation system unique to the Arch Tent range. 

Extreme Marquees also offers a range of inflatable arch structures that come in a variety of unique designs and feature super-easy setup.


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