3×3 Gazebo From Extreme Marquees: Your Versatile, All-weather Companion

Glistening legs, suave body and a charismatic appearance.

No, this is not a Marie Claire model we’re talking about. Unfortunately. *Winks*

This is our 3×3 gazebo who’s flaunting all sorts of curb appeal.

Have you taken a look at her yet?


Compact, Versatile and Fun

Looking for a sturdy, affordable gazebo?

Well, what if we offered you the king of gazebos under $500?

That’s right.

The 3×3 gazebo is robust, reliable and pragmatic. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune to own it. It is one of our bestselling gazebos in Australia. The 3×3 gazebo is available in X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, Q8 Quasar and our signature Summit Classic range.

With an unparalleled finish, premium quality and versatility of applications, the 3×3 gazebo stands the test of time and weather. Our 3×3 gazebos weigh around 23kgs, sport robust leg profiles coated with powder steel and stay rooted to the ground with commercial grade heavy-duty steel feet.


In the spotlight – All our 3×3 gazebo models for you

X5 True Blue 3×3 Gazebo

product display x5 3mx3m

The undisputed champion among budget gazebos, the 3×3 is pragmatic as well as versatile. Despite the affordable price tag, the gazebo doesn’t cheap out on the quality or the features. The frame is lightweight, with a hexagonal leg profile of about 45mm. It is coated with powder steel over heavy-duty, rust-resistant steel feet. The frame is further supported with commercial double-bracket nylon connectors and curved truss bars.


X6 Velocity 3×3 Gazebo

product display X6 3mx3m

Cranking the strength up a notch, we present to you – the Velocity 3×3 gazebo. This all-rounder gazebo sports a 45mm hexagonal leg profile and commercial feet. The only difference is, the Velocity gazebo comes with aluminium connectors and reinforced truss bars that amp up its overall strength. So, while the True Blue can be used for all recreational and semi-formal events, you can use the Velocity 3×3 for business events as well.


X7 Tectonic 3×3 Gazebo

x7 tectonic 3m x 3m

The X7 3×3 gazebo is inarguably Australia’s strongest gazebo with its unchallenged durability and strength. With a massive 57mm hexagonal aluminium profile, extruded aluminium connectors, galvanised feet, plastic coated pull rings, state-of-the-art roof tension and robust 36x18mm oversized truss bars, there’s little doubt to challenge our claim, isn’t it?


Q8 Quasar 3×3 Gazebo

q8 quasar 3m x 3m

Want to be the owner of a truly unique and one-of-a-kind gazebo? Purchase our Quasar series 3×3 gazebo – the most innovative and technologically superior heavy-duty gazebo in the market. What makes the Quasar stand out? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First, the frame features advanced geometry. Unlike the hexagonal profiles, the Quasar frame has a four-groove channel – offering cutting edge in design and functionality. This four-groove channel offers a streamlined method to attach and slide-in keder walls, aluminium partitions, half wall bars and other exhibition collateral.

Not just this, the V-edge truss bars and moulded cast aluminium connectors provide superior strength and functionality. If you want a futuristic, functional and all aluminium frame, your search ends with the Q8 Quasar.


Summit Classic 3×3 Gazebo

summit 3m x 3m

Our flagship gazebo range, the Summit Classic 3×3 gazebo has sold over 100,000 frames worldwide. The ergonomic design, hardened 40mm leg profile, high-quality extruded aluminium connectors and robust feet are a result of a decade and a half of research and design changes. The Summit Classic gazebo sports a patented wheel system and are available in assorted colours – making them an instant favourite among our customers.


Why Choose the 3×3 Gazebo from Extreme Marquees?

1. You wouldn’t find another gazebo under $500 with so many features.

Both the frames and fabric are designed to last you years of frequent outdoor use. The gazebo is available in plain as well as custom printed formats. While the plain, solid-coloured fabric is made of plain, 500D, PVC-coated polyester that can be bought in 9 standard colours, the custom printed gazebo fabric is imported, 600D, PU-coated polyester.


2. The 3×3 gazebo from Extreme Marquees is weatherproof.

What good is an outdoor gazebo that can’t protect you against inclement weather and harsh sun? Which is why, all our gazebos are waterproof, flame retardant and 50+ UV resistant. Moreover, we use state-of-the-art digital printers with anti-fade inks to create long-lasting and vibrant prints.


3. The 3×3 Gazebo is indispensable for your promotional campaigns.

Next time you’re working on your promotional campaigns, don’t forget to include a custom printed 3×3 gazebo to your plans. Our experts can match your branding down to its last detail on the canopy cover. We can print your logo, slogans, contact details, website and social handles – and we don’t just stop there. You can also get full-blown artwork and graphics emblazoned on your 3×3 gazebo. Just share the artwork with us to get started.


4. EXTREME branding is possible only with Extreme Marquees!

Why get just a gazebo printed when you can go full throttle? Give your brand the exposure it deserves. Provide maximum visibility to your campaigns with our promotional collateral including pull-up banners, fence wraps, peak flags, printed walls and custom table covers.


5. Guaranteed product satisfaction – Get the best support and service.

Your 3×3 gazebo comes with steel pins, tie-down straps and protective cover with wheels. Every gazebo comes with a Manufacturer’s Warranty on the Frame and Fabric for up to 1 year. We stock enough spare parts and frames so that they can be express shipped to you overnight. We manufacture and source our gazebos and promotional gear from our production facility so that you get the highest quality gazebos at the lowest possible prices.

Your 3×3 gazebo can be used for a backyard barbecue party, tailgate event, product launch or a lazy day at the beach. Buy it as a stand-alone unit or combine it with outdoor banners, pull-up banners, display boards, pop banners, gazebo banners or trestle table covers. Either way, be assured that you, your business and your display is going to stand out in a sea of competitors.

Questions? Queries? Give us a call at 1300 850 832 to speak with our customer care executive. You can also browse through our online store here.

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