4 Common Problems of Folding Marquees and their Solutions

While most marquee suppliers offer a substantial warranty on portable gazebo tent purchases and marquee repair, we at Extreme Marquees always advise our customers how to prevent and protect marquee from accidental damage. After all, Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?  Marquees require care and upkeep to make sure they last a long time.

We’ve compiled 4 most common problems and their easy fixes.

1. Frame and Fabric Maintenance

The frame and fabric of your portable gazebo tent are most susceptible to wear and tear, and thus require due care and maintenance.

  • Wipe the frame and the canopy with fresh water after every use. Small stains can be removed with a mild household detergent, soft brush, and cold water.
  • Do not wash the canopy in a machine. Either wash it with hands or reach out to your marquee supplier for instructions.
  • A soft mop will help you clean the roof and walls.
  • Cleaning the marquee frame regularly is highly recommended.
  • Use a silicone spray for the frame. However, make sure to remove any excess spray before packing or attaching the roof.

2. How to Remove Mildew and Tree Sap from Event Marquees?

Mildew is a type of fungus and appears as a thin, superficial growth, often accompanied by an offensive odour. If you store a tent while it’s still wet, it might develop mildew that can damage the waterproof coating. The good thing? Mildew is quite easy to clean. Scrub it lightly with a damp sponge or spray a solution of one part bleach with ten parts water and then wipe it.

Another annoying by-product of open air events is tree sap – the gooey, liquid-like substance that hardens upon drying. Rub an ice-cube on the sap and peel after it hardens. Or run a warm iron over paper bags placed on both sides of the sappy area so that it transfers on to the paper. You can also use a citrus-based cleaner to wipe the sap-covered area clean.

3. What to do with Moisture?

If you buy event marquees from reputed suppliers like Extreme Marquees, your tent seam will be factory sealed. However, the sealant may not work correctly in older tents or might be absent in cheaper alternatives, causing the threads in the seam to soak up and start dripping.

To rid moisture, treat your tent’s seam with waterproof sealers. Most urethane sealers should suffice, but a silicone sealer must be used for silnylon tents.

Helpful tip: If the zipper of your tent is stuck, simply rub candle wax over it to lubricate the zipper.

4. How to Fix Scratches, Tears, and Holes in the tent?

Avoid getting one in the first place. However, you can patch up a tear with either a duct tape or a Tenacious tape. Cover holes using a bug mesh kit.

Storing and Transporting Folding Marquees

Before packing, let the marquee dry off completely to prevent moisture from setting in. Store the frame and fabric separately and do not put excessive pressure on the carry bags. To avoid any damage during transit, do not position your portable gazebo tent horizontally with the canopy still attached.

If your marquee is under warranty, get in touch with your supplier. At Extreme Marquees, we always stock up on spare parts of all our marquees which can be express-delivered to you. Here is another blog on how to request marquee spare parts.  In case the warranty is over, discuss with your supplier on the best actionable course.

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