High Pressure Inflatable Technology – Design to Reality

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Protecting our Environment

Extreme Marquees has been working with AFL services in Adelaide ( https://aflservices.com.au/) to develop green options to control hazardous wastes from leaking into the environment. Cleaning of large commercial machinery has been difficult in the past to contain harmful chemicals. Extreme Marquees in conjunction with AFL services over recent years have conducted research and development projects aimed specifically to protect our fragile environment. This latest research and development project has seen the trialing of a high pressure machinery encapsulation inflatable. Utilizing Extreme Marquees high pressure technology this inflatable can be rapidly deployed making set up both easy and economical. After use the inflatable structure can be deflated and stowed away in minimal space. Extreme Marquees and AFL services are continuing to innovate and develop new environmentally friendly products that provide practicality and commercial reality.

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