How to Find the Best Location for Pitching Your Pop-up Tent at a Tradeshow?

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It’s not just real-estate that advocates the benefits of a prime location. If you’ve ever participated in tradeshows, then you know how important it is to be at the right place and at the right time. Hitting the sweet spot where your pop-up tent is visible throughout the exhibition ground is a dream come true.

But not everyone is that lucky. Either such spots get reserved quickly, or they’re extremely expensive. If you missed your chance to reserve these spots, don’t worry.


Here are some pro tips to help you find other great spaces to display your brand.

Tip 1: Don’t just focus on popularity, focus on relevance.

Consider this: Setting up your pop-up tent in the apparel section of the fashion and lifestyle exhibition might be tempting. It might even seem like the best choice at the time, especially if your product isn’t directly related to apparel.

But, you’ll not get a lot of visitors.

Why? Because people in this section are especially looking for apparels.

Your booth stands a better chance of being noticed if you set it up in the right and relevant section. This ways, your potential customers can find you easily, browse through your wares, and maybe buy from you.


Tip 2: Go for bigger alleys.

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Study the exhibition’s ground map and locate a large alley. Setting your pop-up tent in a corner will not yield results because there will not be any traffic. If you want your booth to be discovered, you need to be visible. Even if you have to give up a bigger booth area, do it.

When you do find a great spot, pick out the beginning or ending of the lane. These points have at least 2 openings that ensure more traffic and better exposure.

Next, let’s take a look at your placement and location options.


Tip 3: Outside seminar and lecture halls

Most exhibitions and tradeshows have spaces for seminars and lectures from industry’s subject matter experts. These sessions are attended by many people. You can take advantage of the incoming and outgoing traffic to increase the footfall at your booth.


Tip 4: Near food stalls and cafeterias

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It might sound strange, but setting up your pop-up tent next to food and drinks stalls works. People who buy food and drinks will at least glance in your stall’s direction. Who knows, maybe some of them might decide to approach your booth after they’re done eating.


Tip 5: Next to the stage area

Does your tradeshow or exhibition have a special attraction? If you can find out where it will be organised, you can secure a spot right next to it. This way, you can ensure that your booth receives the attention it deserves.


Tip 6: Avoid booths right next to the entrance

Making your booth visible as soon as attendees enter might seem like a great idea at first, but it won’t bode well for your business. Entryways can quickly become crowded as more and more attendees enter the venue. Chances are, your booth will become invisible in a sea of heads, bags, and bodies. Instead, let visitors enter, take in their surroundings, and allow them to approach your booth on their own accord. You can, however, add promotional standees to direct visitors your way.

So you see, the right location helps in making your tradeshow participation a smashing success. Follow these tips and top them off with a beautiful and breath-taking pop-up tent booth from Extreme Marquees – Australia’s premier custom marquee and gazebos supplier.

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