How To Make The Perfect Event Booth With A Custom Marquee

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Be it your company, club or school, organisation pride starts at the top. Naturally, if management doesn’t show pride in their company they can’t expect anyone else to take pride in their company. Fortunately with custom marquee manufacturer and supplier company such as Extreme Marquees, there is a great way to show off your company name with a large range of promotional products that provide not only shelter from the elements but also show off your companies brand.

Whether you’re promoting your product, showing off your club name or providing sun shelter to a team of hard working players, custom marquees have their place in the advertising scene. Players, employees and club members are inclined to take pride in their association which in turn leads to a higher and more positive moral which directly translates to a higher level of performance.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that working in a team to get a job done makes the job a whole lot easier. Taking pride in your team is a fundamental for success and with promotional products at the forefront of your organisation success is inevitable.


Use Your Logo and Colours in Custom Marquee to Show Off Your Company

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Your logo is what identifies your company. Everyone knows the Golden Arches logo or the Nike Tick logo and there is no reason why people shouldn’t recognise your logo. With a range of advertising items such as printed Marquee roofs, flare banners, printed walls and table covers, showing off your brand along with your products has never been easier.

Companies like Extreme Marquees not only produce outstanding quality printed products but manufacture the strongest marquees on the market. Stability and durability is a must have whether you’re at the markets or the sporting oval. Wind can turn weaker, less stable shade tents to scrap metal in an instant so a quality sun shelter is a necessity.


Choose the Right Size of Custom Marquee for Your Event

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It is important to note that size is a huge factor in choosing a marquee. Whether you need a 1.5m x 1.5m tent to fit a portable ATM or a 3m x 3m tent to set up a market stall with limited size restrictions you have to make the most of the space you have. Major market hosts in Queensland such as Eumundi Markets and the South Bank Markets limit the space. For some people, the markets are their primary source of income. This means they are putting their marquee every weekend and exposing it to the elements. The demand for heavy duty gazebo, commercial grade marquees with engineer-certified components is much greater.

For larger, outdoor events products such as inflatable marquees and pavilion marquees are an amazing way to showcase a brand or company. Much like the folding marquees, these different styles of marquee can have custom prints on them making them the ultimate outdoor advertising product. The possibilities are endless when it comes to showcasing a brand or company on a custom marquee.

To go even larger again, semi-permanent crest marquees are the best option for hosting large scale events such as trade shows, presentations and conferences. Once again, outdoor crest marquees can have wall, roof and gable prints.


Crest Marquees are used for a variety of different events, one of these events being weddings. Many people opt for a crest marquee on their special. The large inviting space that a crest creates is the perfect setting for such a special day. On top all of the uses for a crest, they are modular, meaning that they can change size depending on the event and space available.

To summarise, custom Marquee, in every form, are the perfect marketing tool to show off a business, school or club.

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