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Whether it’s a backyard barbecue or an awards night, every manager wants to be unique in the way they’re hosting an event. For this reason, having a distinctive venue that stands out is equally important. Brick and mortar venues often have higher rentals and limits on décor, customisations and seating – and this is where an event gazebo comes into the picture. Known for their ease of setup, flexibility in customisation and versatility in application, marquees are quite a popular event venue in Australia.


Why is an event gazebo so popular in Australia?

We Aussies love spending time outdoors. Whether it’s a lazy day on the beach or an adrenaline-pumped college tailgate event, the great outdoors is always a-calling. An event gazebo, therefore, is the best friend of every true-blooded Australian. It protects us from rain, heat and high winds, offers soothing shade and doubles up as a fantastic party venue for all outdoor events.


There are many, many perks of owning an event marquee:

An event gazebo can be customised just the way you want.

Want to add your logo? No problem. Need to emblazon graphics with images? You got it!

What’s the most that you can do to brand a walled venue? Hang a few banners perhaps. Or maybe connect a projector and run your company video. But who knows your brand when they’re not inside Hall Number #3C? A custom marquee, on the other hand, is like a genie-in-a-bottle. It not just offers you the maximum marketing space, but it also offers you the best customisation options. The best part? Your branding is visible to people who are attending the event as well as to onlookers and bystanders!

You can host literally any kind of event within your gazebo.

Imagine owning a venue 24*7*365 without worrying about rental fees. That’s the freedom you get when you have your own event gazebo.

For instance, let’s say you own a 6×6 marquee. You can set it up outside your shop during the Boxing Day sale then take it back to host a barbecue night and celebrate the profit you earned during the sale season and then finally use it to participate in the Farmer’s Market over the weekend. So, you see, your event gazebo has many uses, limited only by your imagination.

You always have a unique venue to show off.

People love the outdoors and open-air events. With a custom marquee, you get to host your outdoor event in a stylish venue every time. No more dull, old four-walled venues. Give your guests a snazzy venue to impression your event forever in their minds.


Best and most searched event marquees in Australia

1. Budget-friendly 3×3 gazebo

product display x5 3mx3m

The 3×3 marquee is the undisputed champion of budget marquees in Australia. Take your pick of the 3×3 gazebo from our X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, Q8 Quasar and Classic Summit ranges.

Salient features:

  • Compact and lightweight design, weighing around 23kgs.
  • 45mm hexagonal leg profile coated with powder-steel for long life and durability.
  • Choice of plain 500D, PVC-coated polyester fabric, available in 9 colours and imported 600D, PU-coated polyester fabric for custom printing.
  • Waterproof, flame retardant, all-weather and UV-resistant marquees.
  • Additional Velcro wrap on the front valence to place promotional accessories like awnings and printed valence.


2. The versatile and practical gazebo 3×4.5

product display X6 3mx4.5m

 Looking for an affordable yet premium built event gazebo with a perfect finish? Go for the 3×4.5 gazebo from Extreme Marquees. Available in the X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, Q8 Quasar, and Classic Summit ranges, the 3×4.5 is perfect for small to mid-scale events.

Salient features:

  • 45mm hexagonal profile made with powder-coated steel, backed by double-bracket nylon connectors and rustproof commercial feet.
  • Heavy-duty, all-weather, waterproof roof.
  • Choice of roof in plain 500D, PVC-coated polyester fabric in six standard colours or imported 600D, PU-coated Belgian fabric for custom printing.
  • Anodised assorted metallic frames available upon request.


3. All-weather gazebo 3×6

product display cs 3mx6m

What if you could organise your entire event within the booking budget of a brick-and-mortar venue? Well, with a 3×6 marquee you give your guests a gala time without burning a hole in your pocket! Our 3×6 marquees can be purchased from the X5 True Blue, X6 Velocity, X7 Tectonic, Q8 Quasar and Summit Classis ranges.

Salient features:

  • Easy to transport, convenient to set up and compact to store frames.
  • 45mm hexagonal powder-coated steel leg profile with commercial double bracket nylon connectors and heavy-duty commercial feet.
  • Curved truss bars provide additional flexibility and resilience against inclement weather.
  • Choice of plain 500D or imported 600D custom printed marquee roof.
  • Waterproof, flame-retardant and 50+ UV-resistant gazebo 3×6.


4. Heavy-duty and all-purpose 6×6 gazebo

x7 tectonic 6m x 6m

The X7 Tectonic 6×6 event gazebo is perfect for all recreational, professional, corporate and commercial events. The 6×6 marquee not only creates a mesmerising outdoor event space for you but also offers you the best value for your money.

Salient features:

  • Made with 6005/T5 grade aluminium.
  • Reinforced aluminium legs with a 40mm square leg profile for added strength and stability.
  • 32×18 oversized curved truss bars with extruded connectors and commercial steel feet.
  • Choice of 500D PVC-coated plain polyester fabric in an assortment of colours or a 600D PU-coated polyester for custom branding.
  • Adjustable roof tension.


Buy an Event Gazebo in Australia – Advantage Extreme Marquees

Extreme Marquees is the #1 event gazebo and marquees supplier in Australia. Our in-house manufacturing with a strong logistic and supply network makes us the supplier of choice for businesses and individuals alike. Our marquees are designed, manufactured and printed by experts with over 10 years of experience in the outdoor shade solutions industry. we’re proud of the quality that we deliver, which is why all our marquees come with a five-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on the Frame and Fabric. We stock all parts of every gazebo so that it can be shipped to you right away, should the need arise.

Questions? Queries about buying an event gazebo from us? Call now at 1300 850 832.

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