Plan a ‘WOW’ Wedding with Clear Wedding Marquees

The wedding venue and its embellishment is always the focal spotlight of a wedding day. And if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, your wedding gazebo tent will be the quintessential awe-inspiring element throughout the event – especially if you get a clear marquee for your big day.

Clear wedding marquees are extremely popular with soon-to-be-weds in Australia; and for all the right reasons! These marquees flood the entire space spectacularly with natural light during the daytime and create a charming, magical, and starry ambiance in the evening – without letting in insects, dust, wind, or water. On the economic front, clear event marquees work out to be cost effective in contrast to the linear option because they are less labour intensive.

Why clear wedding marquees?

Imagine experiencing Australia’s spectacular outdoors in all its glory while you recite your wedding vows – the welcoming weather with verdantly lush floral blooms that’s characteristic to spring.


Throwing your reception under the balmy, bright, and azure sky – sipping Pimm’s and lemonade under festoon lights on a warm, long summer evening.


How about a remarkably glorious photoshoot in autumn, with its bold colours – the nature in all its glory – or a cosy, intimate snow-laden winter wedding?

Regardless of the season you plan your wedding, Australia – with its divine rainforests, lofty cliffs, enchanting mountains, and jaw-dropping coasts, is the perfect natural setting for your special day.

With a transparent marquee, you get to experience the majestic nature within the comfort of a covered space!

Make wilderness your witness when you bring outdoors inside through clear marquees. Dine with butterflies and stars under enchanting fairy lights, watch the sunset drown you in warm hues as your family and friends gather around and bless the newly-weds, or get up close and personal with nature as you treat yourself to Australia’s picturesque landscape – no wonder transparent marquees are Australia’s new favourite outdoor ensemble!

Not only are clear event marquees in harmony with nature, they are also easy on your pockets. We all know how expensive weddings can be. The cost of setting up a marquee alone can set you back by a couple thousand dollars, and when you include the cost of hiring event caterers, venue booking, décor arrangements, and entertainment, you would have burnt more than a fist-sized hole in your pocket. Clear wedding marquees help you reduce your expenses since they are not as labour intensive as their counterparts. Also, with the natural light and warmth, you will need little heating and lighting before the sun sets.

Before You Buy A Clear Event Gazebo Tent, Consider These Three Main Aspects:

  • The Time of the Year

Speaking from experience, clear marquees are best suited for winter weddings. They provide the perfect warmth for your guests. Moreover, crystal clear winter nights are a fabulous sight. But this isn’t all—you can also save up a lot on heating and lighting! Also, early spring and autumn are great seasons for clear event weddings as well.

  • Location and Setup

When opting for a clear marquee, pinning down the perfect spot in your venue is of utmost importance. The ideal spot should be shady – so that you can control the temperature, decoration, and lighting of your marquee.

  • Time of Wedding

Along with the location, the time of your wedding is crucial too. Night weddings are magical while lunchtime summer weddings, not so much. If you do have a summer wedding planned, fold the walls to let the breeze in. Start later during the day so that you can witness a glorious sunset which gives way to fairy lights in order to create a dazzling atmosphere.

And if you feel stuck planning your wedding at any point of time, reach out to our professionals at Extreme Marquees. We’d love to be a part of your special day and assist in you in every way we can!

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