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With the world’s most technologically advanced pop-up gazebo, the span of your imagination is the only limit. A world’s first was created with the Extreme Marquees “Quasar” frame – The Excite Science Communications “Cancer Biology Escape Room.” This unique collaboration between marquees, technology and science has made a one of a kind, fun and informative tool to teach people who have very little knowledge of cancer the whole process from start to finish.

Quasar frames are a one of a kind frame. Their unique four-groove channels provide a precise and tidy solution for attaching the sliding keder walls, half wall bars, aluminium partitions and other cutting edge marquee technology. Our Customer set out to create a fully printed, portable escape room to showcase their creativity and their passion for such a disastrous condition. The Quasar frame was their only option.

The Quasar frame engineered by Extreme Marquees is the only marquee on the market with such advanced fastening components. It is the only frame that met the customers’ requirements. The result- a thrilled customer and over 5000 people more educated about cancer.

After hours and hours of Graphic design with the extreme graphics team as well as a third party graphic designer, the final design was finalised and sent to print. The manager of the production facility told Extreme Marquees that “this is the most advanced printing job I have ever seen.”

As mentioned before, imagination is the only limit with this professional marquee. Many companies have used this particular setup to create an instant, popup storefront. With the potential to separate such a large marque into smaller dedicated partitions, the quasar frame is the ultimate sales booth.

The team at Excite Science Communications have started a new trend that will take off in today’s market. Excite Science is looking at purchasing a further six units to help spread further scientific knowledge.

To conclude, The Extreme Marquees “Quasar” frame is the perfect option for anyone. Whether it is for a professional market stall or in Excite Science Communications case, an escape room, The Quasar frame is the best option. Excite Science Communications have broken the barrier into a world of popup marquee entertainment and education stations but the possibilities with this versatile frame are endless.

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