Rise Above Competition with Promotional Flags!

What does a successful brand do that’s different from the not-so-well-known brands?

They plan their branding strategy cleverly and skilfully!

And they do it with the help of effective marketing collateral such as promotional flags and banners.

Let’s learn the purpose of promotional flags and why we’re writing about them today:

Advertising flags are effective tools to attract potential customers to your business. New businesses also use them to let onlookers announce their grand opening. They are also used to communicate special events, deals, sales, sponsors, and discounts.

These flags are available in several styles, shapes, and sizes – so you can take your pick from a wide array of options. Promotional outdoor flags are meant to be unfurled outside and cut to flow with the wind so that passers-by register your business involuntarily. Then there are custom promotional flags, that don’t require wind to sway and can be placed indoors. Other styles include metallic streamers, as well as traditional vertical and horizontal printed flags.

These flags can be printed on one-side or on both sides, depending on how you want to place them. These are versatile promotional assets that strengthen your branding and bring in more customers inside your shop simultaneously.

Here are some salient benefits that promotional flags offer to businesses:

  • All-purpose; Round the clock exposure

Whether a store is open for business or not, during day or night; advertising flags provide exposure to your business throughout their lifetime. You can pitch these flags at the entryway, sidewalk, or driveway; at arenas; near the event entrance gates; etc. without worrying about paying setting up fees, obtaining licenses, or applying for permits.

No matter where you place them, these flags will stun viewers and deliver your message with a powerful impact, round the clock.

  • Customise to your heart’s content

Our clients often ask us what they can get printed on their flags and we just tell them – “literally anything under the sun!”

You want just your logo on the banner? Done! Also want to throw in the deal of the day? You got it! Want to include website and social media handles? Done, and done!

Not only this, you can get custom promotional flags in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and dimensions with multiple pedestal options and printing processes. Take your pick.

Branding just got easier, eh mate?

  • Weatherproof and robust

If you’re worried about air blowing away these flags, let’s put your mind to ease.

Promotional flags are made from high-quality polyester fabric with a robust pole and spike set. This sturdy mechanism ensures that the flag flutters elegantly in the wind, yet stands its ground – while the smart flag pole system prevents the structure from being uprooted, and the banner proudly spins showing off your business without tipping, twisting, or entangling.

The printing process used for branding at Extreme Marquees is completely digital and we use fade resistant inks that withstand everyday exposure to rain, sunlight, and UV-rays.

  • Affordable

Advertising flags are excellent investments. You pay for them once and they serve you again and again. They’re engineered to beat all weather conditions, come in several different customisation options, and can be bought in any shape.

What more do you want?

We know you want one for your business. Contact our sales team today to place your order!

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