How to Setup an 3X6 Marquee?

Thank you for choosing the X5 True Blue 3×6 plain folding marquee. Part of our extremely popular pop-up gazebo range, the X5 3X6 marquee features a robust 45mm steel frame and a heavy-duty PVC coated polyester roof.

Your marquee kit comes with steel pins, tie-down straps, and dust cover. Follow marquee setup instructions provided in this instruction manual carefully and let our team know in case of further assistance.

Pro tip: Make sure all marquee parts have been delivered and are in working condition before you begin.

Some do’s and don’ts:

  • Remove the dust cover from over the marquee before assembling.
  • If your marquee has wheels, ensure that the brakes are in on position before moving, or in off position before expanding the frame.
  • Don’t walk over, or drag parts of marquee.
  • Don’t stick adhesive to the walls of your marquee.
  • Ensure that the heating units face away from the marquee roof and walls.
  • Don’t light fires close to your marquee.

X5 True Blue: Marquee Setup Instructions

  • Frame

Step 1 – Grab the base frame from both sides and open slightly.

Step 2 – Hold one leg and then pull out about three-fourth of the frame extension.

  • Attaching the Roof

Step 3 – Position the roof fabric over the extended frame.

Step 4 – Attach the Velcro on top, around the legs.

Step 5 – Adjust the center of the roof over the leg and secure its cap tightly with strings.

  • Raising the roof

Step 6 – Get underneath the partially opened structure and grab the truss bars. You’ll need two people for this.

Step 7 – Remember, only three-fourth of the frame was open? It has to be completely unfolded now.

Step 8 – Lift all the connectors until the pins lock securely into position.

Step 9 – Connect all clips on the sides and loop the straps around the frame to attach the roof firmly on top.

  • Adjusting height

Step 10 – Extend back legs of your marquee to desired height.

Step 11 – Extend front legs of the marquee to desired height.

  • Securing the frame

Step 12 – Lock the pole legs in position with heavy duty steel marquee weight plates, steel pins, or sandbags included with your kit.

Marquee instructions for disassembling

Follow the twelve steps above in reverse for dismantling the marquee. Place components in their corresponding bags carefully to avoid damage. While folding the walls and roof section, stay away from muddy areas. Feel free to call our team in case of any issues!

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