Marketing 101: What are the Different Types of Advertising Flags? Where Can They be Used?

Everyone needs visibility – whether they’re a small business or a multi-national conglomerate. The solitary contrast is that successful marketers position their brands with skilful promotional campaigns, both online and offline! While social media and google ads play a crucial role in branding on the web, it is the promotional banners and advertising flags that hold the fort offline.


Why Are Promotional Flags And Banners So Popular Among Marketers?

Marketing experts consider custom promotional flags as indispensable marketing props because of how attractive they are, the interest they generate among onlookers and passers-by and the options they offer for printing and branding.

A promotional banner can be printed for events of all kinds. For example, your charity event can have a wave banner right outside the venue. You can add bunting flags to your booth, highlighting the newest product from your company. Or you can add promotional banners that highlight the sponsors of your college’s science fair. No matter what your event is about, custom promotional flags can jazz it up.

Promotional flag and banners are available in several sizes and shapes, so you have a wide variety of alternatives. They look as great inside as they do outside. You can get them printed on only one side, or go for both-sides printing.


Some Of The Most Popular Styles Are:

Wave Or Feather Banners

3.5m wave range outdoor banner medium size

Otherwise called Bali banners, the wave flags are quite popular. You have probably seen one at your local Farmers’ Market or car dealership.

Feather flags have a sleek, smooth design that adds a degree of sophistication to your event. When placed near the entry and exit points, these banners liven up the space and look extremely inviting. The wave banners also offer maximum surface area for printing.


Teardrop Banners Australia

2.5m flare range outdoor banner small size

Shaped like a teardrop, these banners are a common feature present at nearly every exhibition and tradeshow.

The basic design of a teardrop flag is wind-resilient, making them very effective for outdoor promotions – even on a windy day.


Air Dancers

Want a quirky, attention-grabbing promotional gimmick? Go for an air dancer. Air dancers are whimsical, large and easy to spot – making them the perfect, creative brand ambassadors for your next event.


Roll-Up Banners

pull up banner

Also called retractable or pull-up banners, these are very convenient and portable.

The banner is typically made of PVC polyester or vinyl and is connected to the base in an exterior shell of either plastic or aluminium. Setup is very simple. You just put the whole structure on the ground, and pull the top outwards to open.


Advertising Flags:
Best Use:
Wave Banners Maximum printing area to get your promotional message across.
Teardrop Banners Great for promoting a grand opening, sales event, or setting up inside a promotional booth.
Air Dancers Large, quirky and add an amusing aura near your booth. Ideal for casual events with a lot of footfall.
Pull-Up Banners Perfect for using as instruction manuals, QR code scanning, terms and conditions display and other kinds of branding where content is too large to add on a wave or teardrop banner.

Why Are Promotional Flags And Banners So Successful?

Advertising flags target passive attention among humans. This is an involuntary process through which our brains register elements that stand out from their surroundings. Think of sudden flashes, loud noises, or perhaps colourful banners jutting out from a building edge. Passive attention ensures that we at least cast a cursory glance in the direction of all such objects. This inherent trait helped our ancestors thrive, and now marketers are using it to devise effective promotional strategies.


Advertising Flags Are Also Popular As Worthy Promotional Gear Because:

They act as a natural extension to your booth.

You needn’t bother with extra space or arranging additional gear to set up your promotional banner. Simply place the banner on the ground adjacent to your booth or allocated space.


They are a one-time investment.

Promotional flags and banners can be printed once and used often. This is why they are a one-time investment. Printed flags and banners are excellent for long-term use and have a great ROI.


They’re easy to store and transport.

You can carry your custom promotional flags easily in one hand to the venue site. They can be set up anywhere – next to your booth, in the food court, near the event entrance, in the carpark – and when the day ends, just place them inside their cases and get going.


Tips For Printing Advertising Flags – Getting the most out of your custom promotional flags

  • Don’t go overboard with content. Too much information is off-putting, except on pull-up banners. Try including more images and if content is indispensable, go for flowcharts or infographics rather than plain text.
  • Location matters. Place your promotional flags where there is a likelihood of maximum footfall: enlistment booths, entrance doors, reward counters, refreshment areas for example.
  • Stick to your brand colours. Add textual styles that are visible from afar, rather than being extravagant and garbled.
  • Don’t leave your banners up on the site at the end of the day. You might have to apply for permits to set up advertising flags. Don’t violate the stipulated time allocated to you.


Advertising Flags For Sale Australia-Wide

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