Why is a 6×6 Gazebo Popular in Australian Homes?

Australia enjoys a warm climate for most of the year. We Australians love being outdoors – sometimes relaxing with a book, other times grilling al fresco. In fact, most Australian backyards are designed to be enjoyed around the year with popular additions like a gazebo. If you don’t have it yet, get a 6×6 gazebo in your backyard right now!



Here Are 8 Reasons Why You Need 6×6 Gazebo Right Away:


#1: You can use them throughout the year

product package grid display 6m x 6m

Why wait for summer when you can be outdoors at all times? Just set up an outdoor gazebo and you’re good to go!

A 6×6 gazebo is a popular choice because it can accommodate you and your friends along with your dinnerware, garden furniture and esky. Beat the heat during sweltering months, stay frost-free during the winter and grill outside during rains – thanks to your 6×6 pop up gazebo.


#2: 6×6 Gazebos accentuate your backyard

Who doesn’t love a great compliment about their backyard? Adding a gazebo will ensure you receive plenty of them!

A gazebo transforms the entire look and feel of your garden or backyard. A 6×6 gazebo is an ideal size if you want to add a focal point in your backyard. If you do a little landscaping, a lush green shrub here and a blossoming climbing vine there, your gazebo will become the centrepiece of your backyard. The result? Impressed guests will laude you for your homemaking skills.


#3: A 6×6 gazebo is a low-maintenance outdoor shelter

Gazebo upkeep is not a difficult task!

When you purchase a high-quality gazebo from a reputable seller, it becomes easy to care for your gazebo. For instance, the 6×6 pop up gazebo range by Extreme Marquees is made with premium quality materials that do not require a rigorous cleaning regimen. All that needs to be done is a quick wash with some lukewarm water and a gentle detergent to make your gazebo as good as new.


#4: Add more play space on your property

No recreational shade? No problem!

Fresh air and sunshine are quite important for kids. But what to do when the weather plays a spoilsport? Not to worry. Your 6×6 gazebo will help. Let your kids have heaps of fun underneath your trusted gazebo without worrying about the weather ruining playtime. It’s big enough to create a play area (or even a sandpit!) while simultaneously offering stability so that the wind doesn’t blow it away.


#5: Spend more time with friends and family

Forget rental spaces once and for all!

Searching for an outdoor party venue? Look no further than your backyard. All you need is a 6×6 gazebo to let your imagination run wild. Gazebos are popular for all kinds of events – from birthday parties to weddings. You can buy plain, solid-coloured gazebos or go for custom printing to etch your special day forever in your memories. Either way, a gazebo is cost-effective, you can decorate it as you like and you save yourself the hassle of searching for and renting a venue.


#6: Gazebos provide privacy too

3m plain wall

Bye-bye nosey neighbours!

Want to enjoy the outdoors but also value your privacy? Just add sidewalls to your gazebo. It’s that simple. You can even use it for poolside parties with a private door wall as a changing station. Using a 6×6 gazebo means more space for storing additional clothes, food, furniture and equipment.


#7: Choose from numerous customisations

3x6 printed gazebo package 12

Bespoke customisations that reflect your style!

Want a printed 6×6 gazebo for your backyard? No problem. Need custom furnishing for the interior? You got it. Basically, whatever you require of your gazebo, we can manufacture it for you. This effortless customisation to suit your style is why you should make an Extreme Marquees gazebo a permanent addition to your backyard.


#8: It’s easy to take your gazebo down

No other outdoor shelter besides a folding gazebo can be set up and taken down whenever you feel like it!

Going away on a holiday? Need to clean your gazebo? No problem. Just unfasten all fixtures and take down your gazebo in under five minutes. With a gazebo, your outdoor space immediately becomes more functional and versatile. Do anything that you want underneath the canopy – drink tea in the afternoon, kick back with a beer or unwind with a book. The possibilities are endless.



How to pick out a 6×6 Pop Up gazebo for your backyard?

The streamlined manufacturing design of a 6×6 Extreme gazebo makes it perfect for your backyard. Customise it to reflect the existing architecture of your home or set it up to add a quirky, functional space in your backyard – regardless of the design, a 6×6 gazebo will enliven your lifeless backyard.


Before purchasing a 6×6 gazebo, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Why do I need a gazebo?
  • How many people are going to sit underneath?
  • Will I also need furniture and/or equipment?
  • How will I handle the upkeep and maintenance of my gazebo?
  • Do I require any add-ons like sidewalls, mesh doors or windows?
  • How long will I leave the gazebo outside?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I want a custom printed gazebo or a plain, solid-coloured gazebo?
  • How soon do I want it?

Answers to these questions will help you find the best 6×6 gazebo for your needs. Gazebos are among the oldest and most traditional garden shelters, but modern gazebo structures are more versatile, multipurpose and practical than ever before.


Extreme Marquees can help you find a great 6×6 pop-up gazebo for your garden. We are Australia’s #1 gazebos and marquees manufacturer and supplier. Our ranges of plain and printed gazebos are ideal for gardens and backyards of all sizes. Waterproof, UV-resistant and fire retardant, our gazebos are value-for-money. Organise your barbecue or pool party near your gazebo or take it out for a lazy, fun-filled day on the beach.

From Tasmania to Cape York and from Perth to Brisbane, Extreme Marquees has been delighting customers since 2003. Speak with our customer care representatives at 1300 850 832 or place your order for a 6×6 gazebo online.

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