Why You Should Get a Gazebo for Exploring the Outdoors

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Exploring the outdoors is one of Australia’s great pastimes. Drive two hours from any coastal city or suburb toward the central continent, and you’ll find yourself up against nature unshaped by humanity. Or you might even find yourself there before that. In the desert, wooded or mountainous areas of Australia, there is no one else to rely on other than you, the people and pets that accompany you and your stash of supplies, equipment and entertainment.

What a wonderful thing an outdoor gazebo is when you’re making a stay in Nature. Gazebos are built to sustain a variety of weather conditions from desert heat to rainstorms to cold winter frost. The flesh of the marquee is a sturdy plastic that is waterproof.

The frame can be lightweight or heavy and is engineered to retain the structure of the tent to prevent it from collapsing. Nature is a force to be reckoned with when you’re miles away from the safety of large groups of people and buildings that have taken years to construct. You could catch a cold, get sunburned, weary of thirst and much more. But an outdoor gazebo may help you withstand instances of rain, sun, wind, sand and more.

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Not to be discounted either is the fact that marquees are beautiful structures, painted in bright colors to stand out against nature. Imagine taking the perspective of an eagle looking down at a stretch of forest or of a photographer hanging from a hang glider taking shots of the scene below: Vivid and rough green colors and, amidst them, dots of blue, pink and yellow.

A convenience, often taken for granted, of marquees and other portable outdoor shelter is that a marquee can fold. This quality seems rather bland and simple, but it is really the key highlight of any marquee, making all the difference between lugging around a 3m x 3m inflated object and a simple 1m long bundle of metal frame and plastic that can be carried on one’s back.

The latter makes for a much easier and comfortable hike through the forest, along a desert trail or up a mountain. When you finally take a rest, unload your cooking supplies, Tupperware, sleeping bags and marquee, you can pop the marquee open like an umbrella, revealing a cozy 3m x 3m space where there was only 1m x 10cm before. Tight space management is one of the engineering feats of civilization that has paved the way for self-sufficiency, and marquees are just one example of this.

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