5 Must Have Gazebo Parts and Accessories

Just as a home is incomplete without furnishing and décor, a marquee too is imperfect without the right gazebo parts and accessories. Being a temporary shelter shouldn’t stop you from jazzing up a marquee’s interiors to create a memorable and smashing party space!


Here are 5 Essential Pop-Up Gazebo Accessories that you Should Definitely get for your Marquee:

1. Bring on the tent weights

marquee water weight 1

All that planning, food, and drinks will be wasted if the tent itself blows away with strong winds or cannot withstand a heavy downpour, which is why, tent weights are the must-have marquee accessories.

The right tent weights will help keep your tent secure and rooted to the ground, right up until the end of the event or function. Tent weights are absolutely essential if you don’t want your portable gazebo to take off with strong wind. Imagine what would happen if it does:

  • It would spoil your food, drinks, and furnishing;
  • It would leave your guests wet, exposed, and even injured; and,
  • It might fall on another tent setup nearby, causing further damage.

You can buy tent weights such as sand bags, water bags, weight plates or tent anchors that can be driven inside the ground and attached to the gazebo.


2. Keeping it just right with heating or cooling units

Being inside a gazebo for an extended period of time without proper ventilation can be stuffy and suffocating. Make sure your tent has heaters handy during winters. And don’t forget to add a heater just near the entrance to greet your guests with a gush of warm air as soon as they enter inside.

Alternately, you must set up fans and air-conditioning during the summer season. Also include fans along with air-conditioners to help circulate the air properly.


3. Furnish like no other

What’s a house, albeit temporary, without some chairs and tables?

If it is going to be an intimate event, add dining chairs and tables, along with colourful cushions to brighten up the space. You can also create a comfortable and inviting open plan layout with some quilted rugs, pillows, lanterns, and plants to remind you of your indoor living room.

Just make sure that furniture pieces are not too bulky to carry. Everyone is excited to plan and decorate before the event, but packing up can be a real pain.


4. Let there be light

led light

Lighting a tent is quite problematic – there’ll either be too much light or not enough light. We suggest you incorporate practical solutions to give you the best results. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • Perimeter lighting helps you illuminate the tent around the corner or perimeter.
  • Peak to corner lighting covers the perimeter as well as the centre with light strings connecting all the corners.
  • You can also cover the perimeter and shoot lights up the peak at equal distances around the tent or just go all in by covering the entire gazebo roof with lights.

What kind of lights can you use?

Oh, there are so many options.
Take your pick from:

  • String lights
  • LED candles
  • Chandeliers
  • Lanterns
  • Bottle lights
  • Globe lights
  • Fairy light strings

Remember, you can go as mellow or as ornate as you want.


5. Keep it together with screens

1.5m mesh window wall

Screens help keep bugs, mosquitos, and other small insects out. Plus, they offer privacy.

Say you are participating at a road show and have a branded gazebo pitched and set up. You can add a screen to create a resting room-cum-lounge for your team to relax from time to time. You can also set up curtains for privacy. Screens can also create partitions if you want to do more with the space inside your marquee.


BONUS!!Beat the sun with a portable awning gazebo.

Think of an awning as an extension to your gazebo. It provides additional protection from elements and keeps your canopy cool and UV-free. When buying an awning gazebo, make sure to go with a detachable kit. This way, you can set it up at any side of your gazebo or over other gazebos and pop up marquees.

Extreme Marquees offers several different type of gazebo accessories, Australia-wide. Browse our collection online or talk to our sales team at 1300 850 832.

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