7-point Checklist to Setup Event Gazebos Successfully

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Venue. Check.Costume. Check.

Catering. Check.

Marquee. Check.

Reaching venue on time. Check.

Event Gazebos setup…? Uh-oh!

Whether you’re organising a birthday party in your backyard, or throwing your wedding reception party, or organising your annual corporate fundraiser; if your event gazebos are not set up and ready to be used on the day of your event, all the planning and effort simply goes down the drain. At Extreme Marquees, we provide our customers with a succinct 7-point checklist to make sure they are all ready for their big day. Continue to cross off items from this list and you’ll be an expert event planner in no time!

Number One: Setting Deadlines Well in Advance

Often, most event organisers make the grave mistake of giving themselves too little time for planning an event. This amateur practice costs them dearly – both financially and mentally.

As the D-day approaches, the pressure to finish off preparations increases, forcing you to make purchases without considering the price or looking too closely at the quality of your event gazebos and event tent accessories. The result—you end up purchasing low grade products at steep prices.

Next, you stress yourself to finish putting up the event together as quickly as possible and thereby forget the essentials, only to remember them at the last minute. Your peace of mind is thus, compromised.

What should you do?

Give yourself ample time by planning ahead so you can have less things to worry about. Book your venue or buy event gazebo well in advance, especially if you’re organising an event during peak summers, as suppliers can be reserved as early as a year in advance. Also, last minute bookings are quite expensive. Most marquee suppliers offer discounts outside of peak business months.

Number Two: Location of your Event Gazebos

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The best part about using event marquees is the flexibility it offers to erect your tent wherever you want – unlike banquet halls, buildings, and conference rooms. Take your time to search for a space which is well within the visual purview of your customers or guests. Leverage the flexibility and convenience of event gazebos to get creative with your planning.

Number Three: Freeze the Headcount

Now that you’ve finalised your marquee space, it’s time to select the right marquee size – determined by the event attendees. Finalise the seating and dining (if any) arrangement as well.

A general rule of thumb is that a space of 10×10 is sufficient for approximately 7 guests. A minimum of 12×12 feet is required for eight tables, including the line for the buffet queue.

Be mindful of table seating numbers. Your guests should be seated comfortably – neither too cramped nor too far away. Industry standards direct that a 1.5x2m round table can accommodate around 8 people comfortably and takes up roughly 3x3sq.m area.

Number Four: Is your Event Gazebos Self-Sustaining?

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Once you’re set with the venue and marquee size, stop thinking like an organiser for a moment and get into the shoes of your guests. This will shed some light on how you, as a guest, can be warm and toasty inside the marquee, how and where you should install the toilets, the position of wall partitioning to separate the caterers (i.e. if you are using them), and what will be the location of your power source and backup generators.

Number Five: Hidden Costs

Although most marquee suppliers are upfront about the costs of buying and hiring a marquee, don’t forget to reconfirm. For example, cross check the charges of transportation, insurance, site inspection, and installation costs. If you’re going for custom event marquees, check what additional expenses you’ll have to bear for printing services.

What kind of hidden charges can I expect?

Some of the common issues that may affect the price include scaffold flooring for levelling out an uneven field, objects like trees, steps, rocks etc. which might obstruct the area where the marquee is to be erected.

Number Six: Accessibility

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Before you decide to go ahead and erect your marquee at your selected location, make sure that your site is accessible through transport and has adequate room for contractors and installation engineers to work. Also, confirm with the managing authority about any restrictions on the set-up and removal times. For restricted hours, the build cost may get affected.

Number Seven: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

Don’t be shy in seeking help if you feel stuck. Ask your marquee supplier to help you with topics and suggestions on how to go about planning your event. You can even request them to connect you with their caterers, decorators, electricians, and florists.

All set?

Connect with us so we can help you buy the right marquee for your event!

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