How do You Take Care of your Dome Gazebo?

Just as your car needs service every few months, your dome gazebo also requires regular upkeep and maintenance. Proper care gives the longest possible life to dome marquees.

Most people assume that they can clean their dome gazebo tents with just a quick dusting; however, these tents are made from speciality fabrics such as polyester or PVC-coated polyester that need additional care. Right cleaning regimen ensures that your dome gazebo remains just like new and durable for years to come.

Go through these tips from our experts here at Extreme Marquees in Australia to take better care of your dome tent:


Caring for the frame of your dome marquee

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Be on the lookout for loose nuts and bolts, they might compromise the structural integrity of your dome gazebo. If you find a component unfastened or unlatched, tighten to secure it back into place.

Before folding and packing your frame away, make sure that it is completely dry and clean. Moisture-ridden tents will accumulate mould.

Pro Tip: A thorough inspection is mandatory after every few months to identify and replace any worn-out parts. You can do it yourself or contact the experts here at Extreme Marquees to do it for you. Suggested Read: 5 Must have Gazebo Parts and Accessories


Caring for the canopy of your dome tent

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After the event is over, brush off dirt and debris from the skin of the tent. Make sure to check for any abnormal wear and tear, so that it can be sent for repair or replaced. Also examine the area around the doors and windows for damage.

Check the zipper seams including the two tarpaulins to see if they’re falling out. If you find something out of place, get it repaired as soon as you can. Before folding the zipper, clean and lubricate the door and window zippers to prevent dust and rust from eating away at the metal.

Wash the canopy cover thoroughly with a soft sponge, mild soap, and water and dry it out completely before packing away.

Pro Tip: Always keep the cover and frame of your custom dome marquee inside its carry bags.


What should you not do?

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals for cleaning your marquee fabric. It might damage your tent, change its colour, or even burn through.
  • Don’t pack the tent while still wet.
  • Prevent the tent from getting exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight; this will shorten the frame and fabric’s life.
  • Don’t rub the fabric with brush. Contact experts regarding stubborn stains.
  • Refrain from hanging heavy weights that exceed the weight of the truss bars. Excessive force might cause damage to the frame and lead the tent to collapse.

Not only do the frame and fabric of your tent require constant care and upkeep, but accompanying add-ons such as wall insulators, piping, plumbing, heating, and cooling units must also be checked from time to time. Regular check-ups will prevent a minor issue from jeopardising the lives of your guests and your team underneath your tent.

For more information on dome marquee care, get in touch with our experts. You can also browse through other products that we offer at our online store.

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