How to Keep Your Event Gazebo Cool During Summers ?

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“I love summertime more than anything else in the world. That is the only thing that gets me through the winter, knowing that summer is going to be there.” – Jack McBrayer, popular American actor and comedian

Being outdoors on a nice, sunny day is certainly amusing. But when the hot winds of the summer season make it impossible to step out in open, even the idea of organizing an outdoor event could make sweat run down your face. We’ve all been in such unpleasant conditions, where we just wanted to rush back to our air-conditioned car or apartment. Nothing else seemed to matter anymore at that time – the purpose of the event, the host, other guests, good food, and even on-the-house liquor. Obviously, we would never want to experience another hot and humid outdoor event, and hence, we either tend to postpone such events till the winter season or pay a whole lot more to hire an equally capacious and luxurious indoor space.

But what if I tell you that it’s easy to keep your gazebos cool during summers? The experienced team here at Extreme Marquees brings to you some tried-and-tested ways that can help you win back your image of being a perfect host. So, keep on reading, and pick out the tips that best fit your next summertime event to make your guests feel cool and comfortable:


Air Condition the Interiors of Your Event Gazebo

Let’s start with the best and most popular way to keep everyone cool at an outdoor event – adding fans, blowers or air conditioners within the event gazebo setting. Portable fans and blowers help rotate the air to keep it cooler during your event and are also viable, budget-wise. But if you wish to give your guests a truly memorable and restful experience, having air conditioners around is the top hack on my list.


Select the Right Type of Event Gazebo Tent

Inquiring about the marquee that your service provider would be using for your event is very important to make your midsummer event a big hit. Usually, reliable marquee manufacturers use a breathable material (like nylon or polyester) for summer foldout tents. Such material is lighter than the one used to make all-season marquees. Summer gazebos are also designed with optimum UV resistance, multiple windows and rain flaps to keep the interiors cooler.


Choose a Location Covered with Trees

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So, all you have ever dreamt of since childhood is getting married in a magnificent wedding gazebo tent. But your favourite location is booked up till November, and you end up sending ‘save the date’ e-mails for your wedding in January. Now you want a dream wedding inside a marquee. But how? Will the harsh summer sun let it happen? The trick is to book a location that has a lot of shade to restrict sunlight. Tall, lush trees don’t just help provide ample shade to keep gazebos cooler, they also add an exquisite look and feel to your wedding venue.


Use Reflective Sunshades

It is no surprise that the major reason behind the high temperature inside gazebos is the scorching sunlight. By using quality thermal reflection or reflective sunshades, you can reflect the sunlight that falls upon your event gazebo. Don’t worry, we are not suggesting you add that shiny mylar material to your marquee. There are many types of reflective sunshades available today that do their work without tarnishing the ambience around.


Keep the Side Walls Open

Natural ventilation is the key to heighten any outdoor ambience. Most foldout tents come with the option to open their sidewalls, but we don’t use this feature often in pleasant or cold weather conditions. Opening up your event gazebo’s sidewalls will enhance ventilation, allowing the fresh evening breeze to flow through.


Connect a Terrace to Your Event Gazebo

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Another interesting way to keep an event gazebo cool during summers is to add a terrace to it. Almost all the well-known marquee manufacturers in Australia provide beautiful terrace options for different varieties and sizes of gazebos. Not only do these terraces connect seamlessly to the marquees and accentuate the overall ambience of your event, but also keep the interiors cooler. They also allow the guests to go out for a fresh breath of air if they want. Furthermore, you can keep the terrace covered if your event is scheduled during the day.


Temporarily Disassemble Your Tent

This option is particularly meant for small tent settings like the 3×3 gazebo, 3×4.5 pop-up gazebo, or foldout tents. The more your gazebo is set up out in the sun, the more will it absorb sunlight and heat up. As assembling and disassembling big marquees is trickier and more time consuming than the small ones, bigger gazebos are usually assembled at least a day before the event. However, you can set up smaller marquees just before the event time to keep your selected gathering cooler and more relaxed.


Serve Refreshing Cold Beverages

Last but not the least, this point sure deserves to be included in my list. Serving a variety of cold beverages won’t just help keep your guests cool and comfortable, but will also fetch you full marks as a thoughtful party host. While at it, try to up the game by adding peppy, fruit-flavoured sangrias and mojitos to your drinks’ menu.


Wrapping Up

Charles Bowden once said, “summertime is always the best of what might be”. The thought that he presented so wonderfully resonates with the heart of Australia, where the sun shines so brightly for a grand part of the year. And so, shying away from hosting summer events isn’t really our perspective to look at life when it’s balmy. Here’s hoping that the above-mentioned tips encourage you to plan your events whenever they are due, and not when the season is right. You can get in touch with a trusted event gazebo provider like Extreme Marquees, so that you can get the professional guidance that you need regarding your summer event, and enjoy a radiant, sparkling sun with your close ones, even in January.

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