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Marquees & Gazebos In Bright and Beautiful Colours

If you need a marquee to provide some cool cool shade on a hot and sunny day, do it with colour! Our range of plain marquees come in beautiful, bright and cool colours. Bright red, blue, green and yellow are just a start. The marquee roof fabric is made from high grade polyester with a PVC coating to lock-in the vibrant colour and provide waterproof protection just in case you get caught in the rain. We also offer heavy duty 100% PVC roofs in the same bright colours should you need a marquee that needs to be left outside permanently. PVC roofs will last at least 10 years under our harsh Australian sun. 

Marquee Size & Strength

Our plain colour marquee roofs and gazebo frames come in a size to suit you! A 3×3 marquee is perfect for a back yard barbie or watching the kids at the week-end footy match. Or if you need more shade to fit the family and friends then a 3×4.5 marquee or a 3×6 marquee could be the right size for you. Larger 4×8 marquees and even a whooping 6×6  marquee are also available when you need to entertain a big crowd. Extreme Marquees has the right marquee size, colour and strength to make your day the best!

Plain Marquees, Gazebos and Pop Up Tents By Size

Selling Marquees Throughout Australia Since 2003

Marquees are perfect when you need some shade fast! An aluminium folding marquee is the perfect solution when you need to get out of the sun or rain. Our range of marquees comes in a variety of sizes and strengths. They are used by thousands of customers from Tasmania to Cape York and Brisbane to Perth. Extreme Marquees has been manufacturing and selling marquees and gazebos since 2003. The company is family owned and operated and has expanded in recent years to New Zealand and the US. We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and after sales support. If anything happens to your marquee during transit or when in use, our after sales team resolve any problems or concerns. Our Marquees are the highest quality on the local, domestic and international market. Our full range of marquees, gazebos and pop up gazebo products are now available at our Huntington Beach Extreme Canopy office. We are proud of this achievement and now sell Australia’s most popular marquees to the US. 

A Marquee Size & Strength To Suit Everyone   

Extreme Marquees has the largest commercial range of marquees on the market. Our marquee range includes our famous and world renowned X5, X6, X7, Q8 and Summit. The X5 marquee is made from a sturdy steel 45mm hexagonal leg profile. The X6 is the only all aluminium 45mm hexagonal leg profile that also has extruded aluminium connectors that come with a lifetime warranty. The X6 3×3 marquee is the most popular commercial grade marquee frame on the market. 3×3 marquees and gazebos are the perfect size marquee for trade fairs and school fetes. The X6 is also available in our 3×4.5 marquee frame and our 3×6 marquee frame.

Australia’s Biggest Range Of Marquees 

The X7 is the world’s strongest folding marquee. Our X7  3×3 marquee is featured in our video gallery and supports the weight of a BMW  This was done under trained personnel conditions and is NOT the recommended use for this 3×3 marquee frame and it should not be used for this purpose. The experiment was performed to test the limit and strength of our latest X7 marquee to demonstrate that the 6005 T5 high tensile aluminium makes this marquee the strongest gazebo on the world market. This marquee experiment should not be performed by anyone who is not an Extreme Marquees trained personnel. The X7 comes in 10 sizes including the 3×6 marquee which is also popular at trade shows and school fetes. The Q8 marquee has advanced marquee frame technology and wall panels can be inserted in the middle of the marquee or other key locations. Walls and 1/2 walls can be neatly framed to give the highest level presentation available. The Summit marquee has been sold since we commenced trading in 2003 and is a favourite for thousands of customers. Marquee ranges have come and gone however this range is by far the most popular frame world wide.

3×3 Marquees & 3×6 Marquees – 2 Very Popular Marquee Sizes

Extreme Marquees sells the largest range of marquees in Australia.Sizes include the 3×3 marquee which is a favourite amongst schools and clubs however our marquee range doesn’t stop here! We have 1.5×1.5 marquees, 2.4×2.4 marquees, 3×3 marquees, 3×4.5 marquees, 3×6 marquees, 4×4 marquees, 4×6 gazebo, 4×8 marquees, 5×5 marquees and 6×6 marquees. But size isn’t everything! Our marquees come in a range of strengths so that we have the right marquee or gazebo to best suit your event and weather conditions. Our sales team will be happy to discuss with you on the phone the best and most suitable frame you need. If you need any gazebo printing they can also assist you every step of the way. 

Engineer Certified Marquees To Ensure Safety & Meet Standards

Style and appearance is important when purchasing a marquee however what is even more important is safety! Whether you are buying our 3×3 marquee or a 3×6 marquee, all our marquees come with full engineers certification. This means you are buying a quality product that has been analysed and designed to perform to the highest possible level. The engineer certificates are often required by event management to prove your marquee is safe. Also schools and government departments will need to see your marquee has the right certification before being set up. The engineer certification is an extensive document and is available to you after purchasing any of our marquees or gazebos. This document will also advise the weight that is required to be placed on each leg to ensure your marquee is safely secured. 

Marquee Express Service 

Do you need your marquee fast? We have a dedicated marquee production team that can make your due date happen. If your marquee doesn’t need printing we can dispatch it the same day you order. We offer standard freight to send your marquees or gazebo or express and overnight services. For marquees that are printed we can also dedicate a senior graphic artist to make sure you receive priority and your marquee roof is pushed in front of the queue. 

Marquees Rewards Program

We value our customers and offer a marquee rewards program. This can be found on our website menu in the printed marquee section. Checkout the great range of gifts and rewards that you can select for free when you buy a 3×3 marquee, a 3×6 marquee or in fact almost any marquee in our product range. It’s our way of saying thanks to you. 

 Marquee Return Policy 

If your marquee has been unused and has a plain roof then you can return it to us within 7 days. You will need to pay for the freight. Marquees that have been printed cannot be returned as they are unable to be put back into stock. Should you wish to return your un printed marquee please call our office and our team member will arrange a pick up as soon as possible. After it has been returned and check that it is suitable to be put back into stock we will arrange a refund less and freight and handling charges.

Marquee Warranty

Your Extreme Marquees Marquee or Gazebo comes with a full manufacturer’s default warranty. This warranty will differ according to the product you have purchased. It is a warranty that covers any production faults to your marquee frame or marquee roof. This warranty does not cover damage caused by wind, storm or accidents. This may be covered under your home or business insurance policy. 


Pick up the phone and call us on 1300 850 832 to talk to one of our helpful & friendly staff. If you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth,Newcastle, theCentral Coast or anywhere else in Australia!