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product display X6 3mx3m

3×3 Gazebo From Extreme Marquees: Your Versatile, All-weather Companion

November 30, 2020

Glistening legs, suave body and a charismatic appearance. No, this is not a Marie Claire model we’re talking about. Unfortunately. *Winks* This is our 3×3 gazebo who’s flaunting all sorts of curb appeal. Have you taken a look at her yet?   Compact, Versatile and Fun Looking for a sturdy, affordable gazebo? Well, what if we offered you the king…

heavy duty gazebo weight plates

Tent Weights for Your Heavy Duty Gazebo

April 15, 2020

At Extreme Marquees, we’re often asked if gazebo weight plates are really important, and we have a simple answer – no. As long as your heavy duty gazebo is fixed or anchored with something that increases the overall weight of your temporary structure, you’re good. These anchors could be anything from slide-on weights, bolt-in mechanisms for deck and patio areas,…

printed advertising flags and banners in australia

A Guide to Using Advertising Flags and Banners Australia-Wide

April 3, 2020

Everybody needs branding – whether they’re a conglomerate or a small business. The only difference is, successful businesses brand themselves with clever and skilfully planned marketing strategies – and not just online, but on ground as well. And they do it with advertising flags and banners. Marketing veterans swear by this tried and tested technique to grab the attention of…

Extreme Marquees Event Deluxe Set Up with Full White Gables and Church Window Walls

How to Keep a Pop Up Gazebo Warm in Winter ?

March 30, 2020

Winter is a magical time – it is quiet outside, with a thick blanket of snow that covers everything. The world appears to be frozen in time. The winter season is just like a blank canvas that can bring hopes and dreams come true, it’s a season of joy, beauty, and love! So, if you have the birthday of a…

portable medical tent

Making Australia Corona-ready with Portable Medical Tent Range from Extreme Marquees

March 27, 2020

Fortunately, Australia hasn’t been hit hard from the coronavirus pandemic. So far, there have only been about 3050 confirmed cases with 13 deaths. The good news is, nearly 200 people have made full recovery. However, unless the virus is contained completely, or an antidote is prepared, we should not rest easy – and this is why, our portable medical tent…

best location for pitching pop up tent

How to Find the Best Location for Pitching Your Pop-up Tent at a Tradeshow?

March 16, 2020

It’s not just real-estate that advocates the benefits of a prime location. If you’ve ever participated in tradeshows, then you know how important it is to be at the right place and at the right time. Hitting the sweet spot where your pop-up tent is visible throughout the exhibition ground is a dream come true. But not everyone is that…

tectonic 13ftx26ft printed 1000x723 1

Extreme Marquees Face-Off: Decoding The Heavy Duty Gazebo

March 11, 2020

You already know that Extreme Marquees manufactures premium grade outdoor shelters, accessories, and promotional collateral. Our marquees and canopies come in a variety colours and print options, with a tent fabric that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and flame retardant. Whether you want a lightweight, portable pop up marquee or want a heavy duty gazebo, we offer several sizes, perfect for both…

custom printed branded gazebo product bundling

Smart Business Tips: The Benefits of Buying a Custom Branded Gazebo Print Package

March 2, 2020

How many times have you bought a combo meal? They are fun and super-convenient, aren’t they? Keeping track of multiple items separately is a pain, especially if you have a long shopping list. Bundled products save time and hassle of shortlisting from several options, and are relatively less expensive as well. And not just for foods, beverages, and groceries, bundled…

white crest marquee

Event Marquees: Giving the Coronavirus Victims a Safe Haven

February 13, 2020

By February 6th, 2020, Australia has registered over 15 confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection – the latest victim being a 37-year old Chinese woman in Queensland. Governments and healthcare facilities all around the world are contemplating building temporary quarantine shelters for providing immediate assistance to incoming cases, in light of deaths spiking to over 900 due to this deadly…

Printed Dome

How do You Take Care of your Dome Gazebo?

February 4, 2020

Just as your car needs service every few months, your dome gazebo also requires regular upkeep and maintenance. Proper care gives the longest possible life to dome marquees. Most people assume that they can clean their dome gazebo tents with just a quick dusting; however, these tents are made from speciality fabrics such as polyester or PVC-coated polyester that need…

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